Chapter 1200: Master Qin’s Punishment 1

"Well, to be honest, it wasn't an automatic response. I took an educated guess that she would hit me at the turn, so I was prepared to step on the brakes."

"But how did you know when she was going to hit you?" Wei Liao asked in surprise.

"Because we were driving parallel at the last big turn of the track. If she wasn't going to hit me then, she wouldn't have any other chances. It's not the Song cousins' style to not play dirty, so#" Huo Mian trailed off, but everyone understood what was left unsaid.

"Mian, didn't you say you weren't familiar with that track? How did you know that turn was the last and biggest one?" Jiang Xiaowei picked up the details and asked.

"It's true, I wasn't familiar with the track, I just kind of memorized it on my way up the mountain."

This left everyone speechless again. Huo Mian simply locked each turning point of the racing track in her mind and figured out what was the largest turning point without even trying. Everyone was truly stunned by her intelligence and attention to details.

"So, you think you are the sh!t? Are you feeling proud of yourself?" Su Yu asked bluntly, a stormy look on his face. 

Wei Liao and Tang Chuan exchanged glances, it had been a long time since they had seen Su Yu with such an angered look. It reminded them of the calm right before a storm.

"No, I don't think I'm the sh!t. I just feel pretty good, because I won the bet," Huo Mian answered quietly.

"There's a bet? Haha, what is it! Tell us!" Tang Chuan asked immediately as any amount of gossip would get him excited.

"So, initially, Song Yixuan rear-ended my car, right? She said if I had the guts to race her, she would pay the whole amount of my Audi R8. It's like getting a new car."

"You went racing for a stupid car that's only worth a million yuan? Is that how little your life costs?" Su Yu yelled angrily. But behind the angry mask, hid fear. Thank god the Song cousins were the ones who got into an accident. What would happen if it was Huo Mian? What would he do?

"The one million wasn't the point. The point is, if I win, they promised to stay away from me no matter where I am. As you all know, I don't really like Song Yishi. It's the first time her cousin showed up, but I didn't like her either. So, I thought it was something I could try," Huo Mian explained.

"But what if you lost?" Wei Liao asked, the fear factor finally hitting him as well.

"I know I won't." Huo Mian lifted her chin slightly as she spoke. A proud expression much like Qin Chu's appeared on her face.

"You know, I've heard that Song Yixuan is an experienced driver. You're very brave to race against a pro when you're a noob. Qiu Ming Mountain too, I can't believe you guys went there. You're amazing, I've never admired anyone so much my entire life!" Tang Chuan gave Huo Mian a thumbs up. This time, he wasn't just doing it for comical effect, he really was stunned by Huo Mian. Putting aside her intelligence and driving skills, what he really admired was Huo Mian's bravery. An average girl would probably be very shaken up just strolling on Qiu Ming Mountain, let alone racing on it.

"Does Qin Chu know about this?" Su Yu asked coldly.

"No, I'm too scared to tell him. He will skin me alive." Huo Mian bit her lip, her eyes wide like a puppy.

"Great, I'll call Qin Chu now." This time, Huo Mian had really upset Su Yu, so he got up and pulled out his phone. Indeed, he didn't have the right to lecture her, but Qin Chu did.