Chapter 1199: Good Influence Bad Influence 10

"Street racing," Huo Mian felt guilty as she said in a low voice, almost a whisper.

Tang Chuan almost spat out the authentic Mongolian milk tea he was sipping on.

"Oh damn, street racing!" Tang Chuan gasped while Wei Liao and Su Yu remained silent.

"It's true, I can attest," Jiang Xiaowei lifted up her hand and attested as she noticed how surprised everyone was.

"Why would they detain you for merely racing? At most you would receive some demerit points and fines," Su Yu wondered.

By now, Huo Mian's head shrunk even lower. "I was racing with Song Yixuan."

"Song Yixuan? The precious daughter of the State Land Administration's director?" Tang Chuan asked.

Huo Mian nodded and continued, "Song Yishi was sitting in the passenger seat."

"Uhh# this is not racing, this is seeking for revenge," Wei Liao interrupted.

Su Yu looked rather calm all throughout the conversation, up until the very last bit of it.

She said, "We raced on the Qiu Ming Mountain track."

"Qiu Ming Mountain? Uh, the Road to Death??"

"I admire your bravery, superwoman," Wei Liao said.

"Are you looking to die?" Su Yu stared right into Huo Mian's eyes and asked angrily. It had been a long time since he was last angry with Huo Mian.

"What's going on? What's wrong with the Qiu Ming Mountain racing track? Why do you guys all have that look on your face?" Jiang Xiaowei asked as a slight hint of confusion arose in her heart; she wasn't an expert in racing, nor did she know what kind of a race track Qiu Ming Mountain really was. All she knew was Huo Mian was racing against the two b*tches when she went to bail her out, but she hadn't asked about any details.

Before anyone responded, Wei Liao explained, "The Qiu Ming Mountain track is known as the Road to Death for racers. It's one of the top three most difficult racing tracks in China. The landscape is extremely complex with many turns. Not only that, the track is surrounded by sheer precipices and overhanging rocks. A lot of people have had accidents when racing there, and many die there every year. The place was officially forbidden to be used as a racing track, but some people would still go for the thrill. It's extremely difficult for a non-experienced racer to finish the track. We went five years ago when it was raining and almost flipped our car, so we never dared to go again. What's the point of playing with your life?"

Jiang Xiaowei fell silent after hearing what Wei Liao said. What did Huo Mian have to go through during that race with the Song cousins?

"Do you think you are really skilled at driving?" Su Yu asked coldly as Huo Mian didn't respond to Wei Liao's explanation.

"No skill," Huo Mian answered.

"So you think you can't die?"

"No, I only have one life," Huo Mian answered honestly.

"So did you find it thrilling?"

"No, it was so scary that I almost had a heart attack," Huo Mian answered again.

"So, what was the result of racing with the Song cousins?"

"Song Yixuan swirled to hit me at a curve. I stomped on the brakes, and their car went 'biu' and flipped and went down the hill. I called the ambulance and police afterward," Huo Mian answered as if she was a criminal being interrogated.

Tang Chuan and Wei Liao both looked admiringly at her as if they were worshiping an almighty god.

"Goddess Huo, please allow me to bow down to you," said Tang Chuan as he dipped his head down and pretended to bow to Huo Mian.

"How did you know to step on the brake when she swirled on you? The speed should be fast when turning, you wouldn't have had the time to respond... How did you do it?" Wei Liao, extremely attentive to details, asked the most important question.