Chapter 1198: Good Influence Bad Influence 9

"Karma is a bitch, too damn bad."

Gao Ran was speechless as Huo Mian let out a giggle. "Spot on!"

"Let's go, boss lady, treat me to a fancy place," Xiaowei said as she walked out with her arm over Huo Mian's shoulder.

Huo Mian's car had been towed to the shop for repair. Thus, they both hopped onto Xiaowei's Mercedes-Benz.

"Xiaowei, what do you want to eat?"

"Roasted lamb leg?" Jiang XIaowei asked with a smile on her face.

"Oh my gosh, spot on, I've been wanting to go for a couple of days now. If Qin Chu wasn't so busy, we would've been there already! Roasted lamb leg it is! Let's go!"

The driver then took the two girls to a well-known Mongolian Restaurant downtown, called Field Family.

The restaurant looked like a Mongolian yurt, it was beautifully and luxuriously decorated.

The owner was a big and tough-looking Mongolian man. His business had been booming since day one because the lamb he used were pulled directly from the grass fields.

The two of them walked into the Mongolian yurt and ordered four pounds worth of roasted lamb leg, along with other kebabs and appetizers.

"I don't think we can finish, should we ask our family members to come?" Jiang Xiaowei suggested.

"You can bring yours, I'll pass. I need some time to calm down, I'm afraid something might slip when I'm talking to Qin Chu. Then, I'll really be as dead as these lamb legs."
"Okay, I'll ask Wei Liao to come over then."

"No problem! It's my treat today, so don't hold back!" Huo Mian said generously.

Jiang Xiaowei called Wei Liao immediately, she merely mentioned that she was eating roasted lamb leg and didn't say anything about Huo Mian treating.

Wei Liao, Su Yu, and Tang Chuan were playing pool and had not eaten yet. When Wei Liao received the call, the other two were interested as well. So, the three of them drove their high profile sports car to Field Family.

It wasn't until Su Yu walked in that he realized Huo Mian was also there.

"Oh, look who we have here, Dr. Huo!" Tang Chuan immediately put on a smile and joked happily.

"Yes, so watch what you say. Don't risk looking like a fool," Huo Mian replied humorously.

"Xiaowei, you didn't tell me Mian was here as well, haha..." Wei Liao gave an awkward chuckle.

"You didn't even say the three of you were all coming!" Jiang Xiaowei was also confused.

What an awesome couple...

"No problem, it's a party! Let's eat." Huo Mian broke the awkwardness.

"Oh yeah, Mian is treating, guys, eat all you can!"

"Thanks, Dr. Huo, don't mind if I do!" Tang Chuan said, and then he hollered at a waitress, "Hey, get me the most expensive bottle in this place!"

Huo Mian broke out a little sweat immediately.

"Hey! Watch it!" Su Yu slapped Tang Chuan in the back of the neck.

Tang Chuan lifted the corner of his lips into a painful smile. "If we go over budget, we still have you here, Mr. Ridiculously Rich. There's nothing to be afraid of!"

Tang Chuan was sure that as long as Su Yu was present, no one else would ever have to pay. After all, It's the perk of having a super-rich friend.

"Why are you treating? There's good news you want to share with us?" Wei Liao was a smart man, and he immediately asked Huo Mian a key question.

"Hm# I was arrested and Xiaowei bailed me out. Is that considered good news?" Huo Mian smiled.

The table went silent as the three of them tried to process what Huo Mian had just said. Su Yu responded first.

"Why were you arrested? Did you get into a fight again?" he asked with concern.

Notice the usage of the word 'again', clearly, Huo Mian's image as an aggressive iron-lady had left its imprint in Su Yu's mind.