Chapter 1197: Good Influence Bad Influence 8

"No no no, Gao Ran. Let's talk this out!" Huo Mian immediately stopped Gao Ran's hand.

There was no way she was going to let Qin Chu bail her out, she would rather be detained for twenty-four hours.
"What's there to talk about? Qin Chu needs to know about this, this is huge."
"Even so, I can't let him bail me out right now. Ugh, I'm dragging this out as long as I can." Huo Mian was firm on not being bailed out by Qin Chu, because every time he bailed her out, he would give her a hard time on the way home.

Most, if not all the time, the atmosphere in the car would be terrifying.
"No ums and buts. I'm laying this out right now. If you dare call Qin Chu, I will tell Lingling that I saw you having dinner with Lin Xuejiao."

"Damn! You can't do that!" Gao Ran felt speechless.

"If you don't believe me, you can try. We'll see who she believes." Huo Mian smirked.

Even though Huo Mian was clearly framing Gao Ran, Zhu Lingling would still believe her. After all, they had been best friends since high school.

Gao Ran contemplated the pros and cons and decided to take the risk of not calling Qin Chu.

But then the same question arose. "If Qin Chu doesn't come to bail you out, who's going to bail you for such a serious matter? Me?" Gao Ran asked with a serious tone.

As an employee of the Municipal Bureau and a police captain at that, he was not allowed to bail anyone out.

In order to avoid a conflict of interest, Gao Ran never agreed to bail anyone out. However, considering it's Huo Mian, perhaps he could make an exception.

"Can we get Lingling here?" Huo Mian asked.

"She's on the plane right now," Gao Ran replied.

"Hm, okay. I'll give Xiaowei a call."

Twenty minutes later, Jiang Xiaowei appeared at the entrance of the Municipal Bureau in a Mercedes RV.

Since her pregnancy, she was always on a Mercedes RV no matter where she went, and it was simply because the Wei Family was afraid of her being tired out. They had also hired an exceptional driver for her.

"Hey girl, I'm here." Jiang Xiaowei walked in with a brand-name handbag. She wore a long, black winter jacket, almost hiding the fact that she was pregnant.

"Thanks, Xiaowei, sorry for the trouble." Huo Mian gave Jiang Xiaowei a tight hug.

"Get out! It's no trouble at all!" Jiang Xiaowei then looked at Gao Ran and said, "Captain Gao, am I qualified to bail Mian out?"

"Dr, Jiang, this way please." Gao Ran didn't know whether he should cry or laugh. Huo Mian was already giving him a headache, and now Jiang Xiaowei was here as well.

If he didn't let her go, perhaps they would both blow this place up.

"Was there any news at the hospital? How are the Song cousins?" Huo Mian suddenly asked before walking out.

"Song Yixuan is a little scratched up, but it's nothing serious. Song Yishi, on the other hand, broke her nose. Sounds like she needs to undergo cosmetic surgery since she was sitting in the passenger seat."

"Hm#" Huo Mian didn't know what to say. To say she was glad was incorrect, laughing at others' misfortune was not her forte. However, she wasn't feeling sympathetic either, since it was difficult to sympathize with someone like Song Yishi.

It was common sense that the driver would subconsciously protect themselves in the moment of a car accident. That was why it was usually the person in the passenger seat who got injured. It was no surprise that Song Yishi was badly wounded this time. 

"So what are they saying? Are they insisting on a lawsuit?" If the Song cousins are going to make a big scene out of nothing, she thought, she would publicize the video that was filmed before the race.

This was initially a video that was going to be used by Song Yixuan as a defense for herself when she hurt Huo Mian during the race. But now, Huo Mian could use it to defend herself against any lawsuits from them. In the end, everything turned out to be in Huo Mian's favor.

"Nope. Probably because the Song Family doesn't want the issue to blow up, so they've withdrawn the filing and have decided to pay the medical expenses themselves."

"Of course they should pay it themselves. Those two b*tches went for wool and came back shorn. But you know what, I only have seven words for them," Jiang Xiaowei vented. 

"Which seven words?" Gao Ran asked curiously.