Chapter 1196: Good Influence Bad Influence 7

The wheels of the BMW screeched once again, and Song Yishi felt like their car was about to fall off the cliff.

In the end, she was so scared that she closed her eyes#

After a few turns, Song Yixuan finally caught up to Huo Mian.

Huo Mian was forced to the outside of the track, while her car was on the inside.

It was apparent that whoever was on the outside was at a disadvantage#

At that moment, an evil smile appeared on Song Yixuan's face as she began steering her BMW towards Huo Mian's Audi.

Her objective was obvious 每 she wanted to bump Huo Mian's car off the cliff#

The track was already narrow to begin with, so of course she was going to do whatever she could to smash her car into Huo Mian's.

"Xuan#" Song Yishi noticed what she wanted to do and was so scared that her face turned pale.

She knew that if Huo Mian was really pushed down the cliff and died, then she and her sister would be considered indirect murderers.

Just as Song Yixuan's car was about to hit hers, Huo Mian suddenly slammed down on her breaks, and her agile million-yuan car came to an immediate stop.

Song Yixuan's car, on the other hand, was still in motion#

When her car charged at Huo Mian's, its speed was too high and the car ended up driving right over the edge of the cliff.



Two ear-piercing shrieks came from inside Song Yixuan's BMW X5#

Talk about karma 每 not only did Song Yixuan fail in her attempt to harm Huo Mian, but she also ended up injuring herself.

After Huo Mian parked her car, she opened her door and got off#

After a quick glance, she realized that the cliff in this area wasn't too steep, and they had just driven past the most dangerous area.

The Song cousins had fallen into a 3-meter trench, and since there were trees and shrubs everywhere, the BMW was well-protected and therefore didn't smash into putty.

After five seconds of hesitation, Huo Mian decided to take out her phone and call 911#

Ten minutes later, an ambulance arrived and took the Song cousins to the hospital.

Unfortunately, so did the police#

It turned out that Song Yishi, stuck in the car, was so scared that she called 911 multiple times since she didn't think that Huo Mian would call and save them#

What was even more hilarious was that when she called the police, Song Yishi purposefully said that their car was the one that had been rear-ended, trying to frame Huo Mian for murder.

After what she said, Huo Mian couldn't talk herself out of it and therefore had no choice but to go back to the municipal bureau with the police officers.

"Um# why are you here again?" Inside the municipal bureau, Gao Ran looked at Huo Mian, completely speechless by her presence.

Huo Mian had been arrested and taken to the bureau so many times that she was basically a frequent visitor#

"Did you think I wanted to come?" Huo Mian replied helplessly.

"What happened? Why are you here this time?" Gao Ran just came back from a case and was not aware that Huo Mian had been racing with the Song cousins.

"I was car-racing#" she replied calmly, and Gao Ran spat out the tea in his mouth#

The good thing was, Huo Mian reacted fast and lowered her head, so Gao Ran's tea ended up on a little cop's face behind her.

"Captain# Gao, I see that you're out of tea, let me go get you some more." Not only did that cop remain calm and collected, he even took the opportunity to kiss Gao Ran's ass.

Then, just the two of them were left in the interrogation room, making it easier to talk#

"You went racing? Are you alright? Since when did you get into this hobby? Does Mr. Qin know about it?"

Huo Mian shook her head. "If he found out, he will probably kill me."

"That sounds about right, if Zhu Lingling went racing I would kill her too. Do you know how dangerous it was?" Gao Ran was speechless; he felt bad for Qin Chu, marrying such a trouble-causing wife.

"I was provoked# anyways, it wasn't my fault," Huo Mian said matter-of-factly.

"Oh yeah? If it's not your fault, then I'm going to call Mr. Qin right now and ask him to bail you out," Gao Ran said as he reached out his phone, pretending to dial Qin Chu's number#