Chapter 1195: Good Influence Bad Influence 6

First, Huo Mian observed Song Yixuan's tactics from behind and noticed that all the latter did was accelerate and drift, especially when turning corners, causing her BMW tires to screech.

After driving for a while, Huo Mian realized that although the mountain trail was dangerous, it had an obvious pattern.

There was a large turn every minute or so#

Therefore, as long as she turned at perfect angles, catching up to the Song cousins would be as easy as pie.

After this brief observation, Huo Mian stepped on her gas pedal, sending her car swiftly into the mountain track#

After counting sixty seconds in her head, she made a beautiful turn.

Huo Mian didn't drift; it was a natural turn, much better than Song Yixuan's showy driving skills.

Just like that, three minutes and three turns later, Huo Mian caught up to the BMW.

Then, Huo Mian stepped hard on her gas pedal, and her Audi flew before them, almost instantly leading Song Yixuan by more than 3 meters#

"Holy crap, how did she do that? How did she catch up with us so fast? She shouldn't have, it's not scientific!" Song Yixuan exclaimed, a little dumbstruck#

"Don't underestimate her, she's got street smarts. I bet she found a knack to driving on this track," Song Yishi's hands tightened around her seatbelt as she spat hatefully.

"Don't worry, I know what to do."

Then, Song Yixuan accelerated, keeping close to Huo Mian's car. Suddenly, her car rear-ended Huo Mian's with a 'bang', sending the latter's car thrashing on the track.

"Xuan# both of our cars have dash cameras, how could you do that!" Song Yishi's eyes widened; she used to think she was quite ruthless, but her cousin was even more so; she was callous enough to slam right into Huo Mian's rear#

With their speed, Song Yixuan might've knocked Huo Mian's car over, crashing into her like that.

"You don't know cars, afterwards I can smash my dash cam and no one will know. Plus# we both have recordings on our phones proving that the race was voluntary. She can't blame us if she gets into an accident. Even if she did, and god forbid that she tried to sue, with our dads' power and status, do you really think they will let her? Stop making a big deal out of nothing!"

Song Yixuan had always been a spoiled little brat, so she wasn't scared at all#

Huo Mian was insanely pissed off to be rear-ended again#

"I can't believe that bitch tried to kill me#" Huo Mian swore under her breath; she should've known that the Song cousins were despicable. After a moment's thought, Huo Mian accelerated again, while Song Yixuan followed closely behind her. It seemed like she wanted to crash into her again.

However, Huo Mian was never going to give her that chance again. If Song Yixuan crashed into her at this speed while they were turning a corner, she would fall right over the cliff and probably die#

Therefore, Huo Mian accelerated while driving left and right with high agility, leaving Song Yixuan no window of opportunity to rear-end her again.

Song Yixuan's hands tightened around her steering wheel as she sneered, "Not bad, Huo Mian's a smart cookie. She knows how to combat me, ha."

"I told you she wasn't easy to deal with, you're too reckless, Xuan," Song Yishi said with blame in her tone#

"Don't worry, I've been racing for years, I'll never lose to a rookie. Sis, hold on tight, I'm going to strike her with a fatal blow now," Song Yishi said. Then, she began turning while drifting.

Horrified, Song Yishi covered her eyes with her hands, too scared to keep looking#

Truth be told, she regretted her decision. She originally wanted her cousin to teach Huo Mian a lesson, but in the end, she was dragged down into the gutter as well.

Sitting in the passenger's seat mean that she had handed her life over to Song Yixuan.

This wasn't racing; rather, she felt like they were playing with death#