Chapter 1194: Good Influence Bad Influence 5

"Huo Mian's never raced before and rarely breaks traffic laws. At most, she runs a couple of red lights. I got some videos of her driving, her techniques are nothing out of the ordinary," Song Yishi read her sister the information she got off from a close friend.

The Song cousins wanted to do as much research as they could on Huo Mian, since they believed that knowing your enemy was the way to success.

"That makes things easier. Just wait, she's not even going to know how she died#" Song Yishi spat viciously.

Then, she rolled down her car window and gestured at Huo Mian, who rolled down her window as well#

"So the time right now is 6:58 PM."

"Yeah." Huo Mian nodded.

"At 7 PM, we'll start racing. Whoever reaches the flag over there by the foot of the mountain first wins."

"Okay." Huo Mian continued to nod.

"No one will be responsible for the other if she admits defeat, her car dies, or if she gets into an accident."


"To be fair, let's each record a small video first," Song Yixuan said; this was actually Song Yishi's idea since she was afraid that Huo Mian might blame her if she got into an accident.

"Is that really necessary?" Huo Mian felt helpless.

"Of course it is. What if something were to happen to you, are you going to make us assume responsibility?"

"Ha, you have a point. If you were the ones in the accident, I wouldn't want to get involved. Sounds good#" Huo Mian nodded as she took out her phone#

They each filmed a video promise letter before feeling assured enough to start racing.

"Damn it# it's past 7 PM. Let's start at 7:03 PM then," Song Yixuan said, and Huo Mian nodded in agreement.

Then, the windows of both cars were rolled up, and Huo Mian quietly looked down at her watch, counting the seconds#

As soon as the clock struck 7:03 PM, both cars shot out at surprising speed.

Both Huo Mian and Song Yixuan drove luxury cars that cost over 1 million yuan, so their starting speeds were faster than ever.

This was Huo Mian's first time racing on the Qiu Ming Mountain track; she wasn't familiar with the terrain and was therefore at a disadvantage.

Song Yixuan, on the other hand, raced with her friends every time she came back to China, so she was extremely familiar with the area. Therefore, she began drawing back distance between her and Huo Mian's car less than five minutes in.

Soon, Huo Mian was five meters behind her#

The mountain roads winded back and forth 每 on one side was a steep hill, on the other side was a high cliff. Everyone who drove on this trace had to pay close attention, so it was indeed scary for two women to race here like so.

Song Yixuan was a good driver, but Song Yishi, sitting on the passenger's seat, was scared out of wits#

"Xuan, slow down#"

"Sis, are you nuts? Huo Mian will catch up to us if I drive slower! Do you want to lose?"

Song Yixuan obviously didn't listen to her cousin as she continued accelerating, occasionally drifting from side to side. The scene was as thrilling as could be.

Huo Mian wasn't in a hurry, she knew that the road conditions were bad, and it would take at least 12 minutes to reach the flag at the foot of the mountain.

It had only been 5 minutes, so what was the rush? No one knew which woman would be the one left standing.

Therefore, she didn't put too much effort into chasing Song Yixuan after the latter overtook her and continued driving steadily#

Song Yishi looked into the rearview mirror and smiled. She was pleased with herself. "Sis, we're going to win for sure."

"I'm not certain about that, there's still time left," Song Yishi wasn't one to relax so soon.

"Don't worry, watch me#" Song Yixuan said as she stepped harder on her gas pedal, hoping to increase the distance between them and Huo Mian.