Chapter 1193: Good Influence Bad Influence 4

"I'm on my way home from work#" Huo Mian answered cheerfully, but Qin Chu remained doubtful. "Really?"

"Of course!"

"You're not home yet?" Qin Chu looked at his watch; it was late.

"Not yet, um# I actually wanted to buy some groceries and cook for you myself#"

"Don't you like the food the chefs at home make? Are you sick of their cooking? Do you want me to hire a few more?" Qin Chu suggested since he knew that Huo Mian was a foodie.

"No, no, they're good enough, I've gained 1.5 kg since we moved to South Hill Manor#"

Huo Mian was telling the truth; she used to only be 47kg but was now close to 49 kg. If she gained any more weight, she would weigh more than 50 kilograms!

She firmly believed that for someone her height, the standard weight should be around 50 kilograms.

"You're still too skinny, eat more, you need to gain 5 more kilos," Qin Chu set a target for Huo Mian, who immediately protested, "Screw you, why don't you just feed me until I become a pig!"

However, her protests were no use#

"Honey, it's cold outside, you should go home. I'll be back as soon as I'm done with work," worried, Qin Chu reminded her.

"I got it, Honey, see you at home," Huo Mian said goodbye guiltily before hanging up.

Qin Chu reached out to touch his left eyelid, which was still twitching like crazy#

"Is there anything else important on my schedule?" Qin Chu asked Yang; if there wasn't, he wanted to go. Huo Mian may have told him that she was headed home, but for some reason, he was incredibly worried.

"Sir, you're having dinner with President Liu of Wanhe tonight# to discuss the development of the floating village."

Upon hearing what Yang said, Qin Chu fell silent.

They had been discussing the floating village project for almost a year and a half now and had finally nailed down the partnership agreement.

Both companies agreed to invest 10 billion yuan each, aimed at developing C City's tourism industry.

The government even gave them a free piece of land by the beach, in hopes that entrepreneurs will lead the local economy into prosperity.

The truth was, although C City was a small city that not many in the country have heard of, its per-capita income and consumption levels were already pretty high.

It was really a place with hidden dragons and crouching tigers#

C City was home to China's most famous entertainment company, as well as the headquarters of the country's biggest private bank, the Su Financial Bank.

Moreover, GK, one of the biggest companies in Asia was located here as well#

Therefore, Qin Chu was optimistic about tourism development and was working hard to make some contributions to his hometown.

Since he was having dinner with President Liu, Qin Chu couldn't push it back or cancel it. Therefore, he gave up going home early and checking up on Huo Mian#

That gave Huo Mian more than enough time to get herself into trouble#

An Audi R8 and BMW X5 were parked side-by-side atop the Qiu Ming Mountain track.

This area wasn't a tourist attraction, and since the roads were dangerous, not many cars drove along the path except for the occasional racing enthusiast.

Huo Mian held her steering wheel tight, with one goal in mind 每 she had to win.

Giving her a million for her Audi R8 wasn't important, but making sure that the Song cousins stayed as far away as possible from she was.

Huo Mian was sick of mosquitos harassing her and biting her neck every so often, so she wanted to give this race her best shot.

But the thing was# she had never raced in her entire life.

In the BMW X5, Song Yixuan glanced at Song Yishi. "Sis, did you find out?"

"Yeah," Song Yishi looked down at her phone as she sent WeChat messages.

"Tell me, hurry up#" Song Yixuan could barely contain her excitement; she was looking forward to this exhilarating race.