Chapter 1192: Good Influence Bad Influence 3

"This is between you and me, why would you drag my cousin down? Just tell me if you're chickening out, coward."

Even now, Song Yixuan felt bad for her cousin...

"If it weren't for her, you and I might not have even crossed paths. So# since she's the knot that ties us together, she should race with us. My request is simple, if you don't agree, I'm not going to race you."

"Sis#" Song Yixuan looked at Song Yixhi, not sure what to do.

"Xuan, forget it, let's not race her. Let's pay her and go home."

Song Yishi was scared out of wits; every year, countless racers had gotten into accidents while driving on the Qiu Ming Mountain track.

Locals even called that track 'the road to death'#

There was no way she was going to sit on the passenger's seat. She would be playing with death!

This time around, she really wanted to talk Song Yixuan out of racing Huo Mian#

But, her cousin was too stubborn to listen; the more others wanted Song Yixuan not to do something, the more determined she was to do so.

Therefore, Song Yishi's attempt to talk her out of it backfired gloriously#

"Don't worry, Sis, you'll be fine in my car. After all, I've been racing for 6 years," Song Yixuan promised. Like Huo Mian, she was 24 years old but had been driving for 6 years. Therefore, she was extremely arrogant.

She began racing as soon as she got her license at the age of 18. In Australia, she spent a lot of time hanging out at racing clubs.

Therefore, she was certain that she was going to win#

Moreover, she observed Huo Mian before rear-ending her car. Song Yixuan noticed that she drove slowly and steadily, not like someone who was capable of racing#

Huo Mian's Audi R8 was no more than a streamlined race car model; her BMW X5, on the other hand, was a sports activity vehicle that was perfect for driving on mountain roads.

After listing out all the advantages in her head, Song Yixuan became incredibly sure of herself.

She knew she could beat Huo Mian in a matter of minutes#

That's why she called the shot and told Song Yishi to sit in her car.

"But#" Song Yishi wanted to say something else, but she was immediately interrupted by Song Yixuan, who whispered by her cousin's ear, "Stop hesitating, Sis, it's a done deal. Don't you want to seek revenge? I'll help you# who knows? Maybe she'll get into an accident and die. That way, we won't have to do anything, and Qin Chu will be all yours."

Song Yishi had to admit that although this cousin of hers was young, she was still incredibly vicious.

"Is that really a good idea#?"

Song Yishi felt indecisive; sure, she wanted Huo Mian to leave Qin Chu, but she never wanted the latter to disappear from this earth. Wanting someone to die was a terrifying thought. If Qin Chu found out, he would probably kill her.

Upon seeing her sister's hesitation, Song Yixuan added, "If something happens to her, they'll rule it out as an accident, no one can blame us. It was just a verbal agreement, no one needs to know that we asked to race with her."

Then, before Song Yishi could say anything else, Song Yixuan pulled her onto her car.

"Let's meet at the top of Qiu Ming Mountain in 15 minutes and start there, what do you think?"

"Mhm." Huo Mian nodded.

Then, they both drove towards Qiu Ming Mountain#

Huo Mian being rear-ended started off as a minor accident that only required a small compensation.

However, Song Yixuan decided to push her luck and propose that they race#

Naturally, Huo Mian knew what they wanted to do, but since she agreed to race Song Yixuan, it could only mean that she was confident of her driving skills.

After all these years of driving slowly and obeying to traffic laws, she secretly wanted to let herself go and do some drifting.

Plus, if she won, Song Yishi would have to avoid her in the future. Imagine how great that'll feel!

In a split second, she decided to make the bold decision of racing Song Yixuan on Qiu Ming Mountain.

- GK Headquarters, inside the President's Office -

Qin Chu's left eyelid was twitching furiously# Every time that happened, it meant that Huo Mian was either in danger or up to no good. Qin Chu's sixth sense had always been accurate.

Therefore, he picked up his phone and dialed that familiar number#

"Honey?" Huo Mian said sweetly, feeling guilty upon receiving his call.

Qin Chu immediately felt like something was wrong; he was almost certain that Huo Mian was doing something behind his back.

"Yo, where are you?"