Chapter 1191: Good Influence Bad Influence 2

"Don't worry, your car's not worth that much, I won't shirk from responsibility#" Song Yixuan said in a delusional manner, sending Huo Mian immediately speechless#

Not worth that much? Huo Mian's Audi R8 cost so much more than Song Yixuan's BMW X5#

If she drove a Bugatti Veyron, then fine, Huo Mian would accept her ridicule.

She wondered if everyone in the Song Family was as despicable as they were#

"Don't worry, I won't make you pay more than you're supposed to. Once the insurance company comes, they will provide you with a detailed list. Then, you can transfer that money to my account."

Huo Mian was easygoing 每 you hit my car? That's fine, pay up and leave.

As simple as that#

However, there were too many idiots in this world, and Song Yixuan was one of them. A thought suddenly popped into her mind as she said, "I heard you're a genius."

"I've never said anything like that."

Huo Mian wasn't trying to be low key; indeed, she never once called herself a genius, it was others who kept saying that#

"But everyone says so," Song Yixuan retorted, obviously unconvinced.

'That's their opinion, it doesn't represent mine."

"Anyways, I heard you could do anything. You learn what others take ten years to learn in less than a year, and you learn what others take five years to learn in less than a month. I wonder if they're exaggerating?"

"Just tell me what you want, I'm a busy woman, so I don't have time to play word games with you," fresh out of patience, Huo Mian said as she looked down at her watch #

Talking to people she didn't like was downright torture, and seeing Song Yishi immediately ruined Huo Mian's evening, which she had been looking forward to just minutes ago.

"Okay then, I'll cut to the chase. Do you have the guts to race me?"

"Race you?" Huo Mian asked, freezing for a second.

"Xuan, don't do that, it's too dangerous. Let's go, we should just pay her." Once again, Song Yishi attempted to stop her cousin from confronting Huo Mian. However, the more she tried to talk Song Yixuan out of it, the more ammunition it gave her.

Therefore, Huo Mian had a feeling that Song Yishi was doing it on purpose. She wanted to utilize her cousin sister's short temper to her advantage, so as to start a war.

"Yes, do you have the guts to race me or not?"

"What will I get for racing you?"

"If you beat me, I'll buy you a brand-new Audi R8, since it only costs a little over a million yuan#" Song Yixuan was as arrogant as could be#

Naturally, Song Yixuan's family was rich enough for her to drive million-yuan sportscars. However, since she was the daughter of a government official, she had to tone it down and be on the down-low about things.

Yup, she was rich, and she didn't care about a million yuan.

"What if I lose?" Huo Mian asked again, to which Song Yixuan answered, "If you lose, you have to apologize to my cousin and admit that you stole the man she loves."

"That's not fair though. How about this? If I win, you and your cousin will have to avoid me in the future, no matter where I go, take a detour if you need to. What do you think?"

"How dare you!" Song Yixuan was furious, while Song Yishi asked her in a low voice, "Xuan, do you think you'll win?"

"Don't worry, Sis, I've been racing a lot in Australia and I'm really good at drifting," Song Yixuan replied, completely confident in herself#

Reassured, Song Yishi nodded; it was be so humiliating if she had to avoid Huo Mian in the future. Therefore, she really didn't want to lose.

"If you agree, we'll race. If you don't, then forget it." Huo Mian was determined as she negotiated with the Song cousins.

"We agree, but I have another request," Song Yixuan said.


"We have to go somewhere else to race. We're on an overpass, it's too dangerous to race here, there are too many cars."

"Sure, where do you want to go?" Huo Mian asked, and Song Yixuan looked into her eyes provokingly, "What about the Qiu Ming Mountain track?"

Upon hearing what she said, Huo Mian smiled profoundly#

Qiu Ming Mountain? Were they racing or were they trying to commit suicide?

Qiu Ming Mountain was well known for its steep cliffs, and its roads were beyond dangerous. Even regular drivers had to pay much attention when driving on this mountain, so was this woman really proposing that they race there?

"Are you going there to suicide rather than to race?" Huo Mian icily glanced over at the Song cousins.

Song Yixuan lifted her chin up in the air, proud that she had gotten her way. "Why? Are you scared?"

Song Yishi, on the other hand, didn't say anything; it seemed like she wanted Song Yixuan to teach Huo Mian a lesson.

After three seconds of silence, Huo Mian glanced at Song Yishi before saying, "I'll race you, but she has to sit in your passenger's seat."

Song Yishi's face fell immediately#

Huo Mian was good, agreeing to race Song Yixuan only if Song Yishi was dragged down along with her.