Chapter 119: Set-up Date

"Head Nurse, what's wrong?" Huo Mian ran up to follow behind the head nurse, as she thought that something had happened to one of the patients. 

"Hurry up and change, there isn't much time left." 

The head nurse pushed a confused Huo Mian into the changing room, causing Huo Mian to be completely confused and overwhelmed. 

"Head Nurse, I'm halfway through my shift! What am I supposed to change into?" 

"Didn't I say that I would introduce my cousin to you? He's here today in the café right below our hospital. Hurry up and change to meet him. Get to know him, my cousin is quite exceptional." Clearly, the head nurse hadn't gotten out of the habit of being serious. 

However, Huo Mian still felt somewhat uncomfortable when the head nurse talked to her about things outside of work.

After Huo Mian changed, she finally came to her senses. Was the head nurse trying to set her up with a potential boyfriend?

That's why the head nurse wanted her to change? So she could go on a date?

However, was it really okay for a married woman like her to go on dates? 

At this thought, Huo Mian wanted to confess everything and tell her the truth, since lying wasn't a very good trait. 

Therefore, she opened her mouth, and said, "Head Nurse, the thing is that… I think you might have misunderstood, the truth is that I'm..." 

Before she said the word 'married', the head nurse cut her off and said, "Go to the cafe downstairs, he's sitting by the window. He'll be the young man in white, go on, that's it." 

"Head Nurse, the patient in room five's water broke! Come quickly, she needs surgery!" one of the nurses shouted in a hurry. 

"Okay, I'll be right over!" Then, the head nurse patted Huo Mian's shoulder, and encouraged, "Go, you can do it." 

"Huh? Head Nurse, I haven't finished yet," Huo Mian's face was filled with indecision. 

However, the head nurse was already long gone… 

If she didn't go, then it might be impolite for the other person to sit around and wait. 

Huo Mian decided to suck it up and meet the head nurse's "exceptional" cousin; she would clearly explain her situation to him face to face. 

After she took off her white lab coat, Huo Mian put on a mickey-mouse printed yellow t-shirt with light blue jeans. 

She didn't even have time to tie up her hair, just letting it fall freely and carelessly. 

It was only early summer, so it wasn't that hot yet, and the occasional cold breeze would blow by.

After Huo Mian took a deep breath, she stepped into the café where they were to meet. 

She immediately saw the young man seated near the window. He was wearing a white shirt and sat very quietly in his chair. 

Huo Mian didn't even know what his name was. She only came because the head nurse had arranged this, and she couldn't let her down. 

"Hi, the head nurse told me to meet you here," Huo Mian built up her courage, walked over, and greeted him. 


The man turned around; after he looked at Huo Mian, he gave a small nod, "Hi, please sit down." 

Huo Mian sat down across from him. 

"What would you like to drink?" 

"Just water is fine." Huo Mian awkwardly smiled. 

"Waitress, she would like a glass of lemon water." He ordered.

The man looked at Huo Mian again and closely inspected her facial features and choice of clothes. 

He then slowly said, "My cousin told you what I do for a living, right?" 

"Yes, she did. You work in forensics." 

"Yes, I am a forensics specialist hired by the police bureau. I studied in the United States and majored in Forensics at the University of Maryland. I'm now the youngest forensics Ph.D. in our province." 

"Would you mind telling me your name?" Huo Mian clearly had no interest in this person's profession whatsoever; she only wanted to find out his name so that she could tell him the truth, and not lead him into any misunderstandings.

He was surprised that after the young woman across from him heard about his prestigious background, she didn't show any hint of emotions; instead, she calmly asked him for his name.