Chapter 1189: Husband is Very Angry, Consequence is Very Dire 10

Huo Mian glanced at him before answering solemnly, "You asked a funny question. First, it's a private matter, I am not obligated to tell you anything. Second, you pretended to be a patient and wasted the time of others. I don't know what you're trying to do, but three, if you don't leave in five seconds, I'm going to ask security to escort you out."

"Don't be so serious, little girl, you're so merciless#"

Jiang Ye smiled helplessly#


"Hey, Huo Mian, are you for real? Are you really going to chase me away?"

'Four#" Huo Mian continued her countdown.

"I'm a superstar!"


"Mrs. Qin# don't be like that. At least treat me better, on account of President Qin."

"Two#" Huo Mian wasn't budging.

In the end, Jiang Ye compromised, "Fine, I'll leave, I'll leave right now."

Before Huo Mian finished counting, he quickly stood up and headed for the door#

"Wait," Huo Mian shouted from behind him, and Jiang Ye immediately turned around happily, thinking that she had changed her mind.

However, Huo Mian pointed at his medical record on her desk and said with a dark face, "Take this with you."

"Okay." Depressed, Jiang Ye picked up his medical record. Before he left, he looked at Huo Mian one last time and said profoundly, "You're good, little girl."

Huo Mian still ignored him; she was too lazy to say anything else to weird people like him.

Jiang Ye put his mask back on upon leaving South Side. He felt like crying 每 it's been years since a woman last chased him out of her room#

He was a television superstar, what in the world just happened?

He had to admit that Mrs. Qin was sure a special woman#

"Jie, call in the next patient#"

"That was fast, Chief, it's almost lunchtime. Do you want to wait until the afternoon to see the next patient?"

Chen Jie reminded Huo Mian because she felt bad that her chief was working so hard.

"There's still time for me to see one more. Send the patient in."

Huo Mian was in a foul mood; if it wasn't for Jiang Ye's random prank just now, she probably wouldn't feel so tired.

It was hard enough that she had to face sick patients every day; she also had to endure weird people like him.

Weirdly enough, Su Yu used to come to see her by pretending to be sick, but she wasn't as annoyed as she was today.

She disliked Jiang Ye; he was almost 40 years old but wasn't acting like a man of that age at all.

After Huo Mian saw another patient, she went down to the cafeteria for lunch.

In the afternoon, Director Wu came to inspect South Side, along with a few officials from the provincial Ministry of Health.

As a key chief physician of South Side, Huo Mian walked around the hospital with the officials and did a complete introduction.

She didn't leave work until 6:30 PM#

She didn't even realize that she had stayed an hour after work; after taking off her white lab coat and putting on her jacket, Huo Mian walked out of South Side.

When she got onto her car, she called Qin Chu, who had left her a personalized message in advance, "Honey, I'm stuck in a meeting. Go home first and have dinner if you're hungry. You don't have to wait for me."

After hanging up, Huo Mian headed back to South Hill Manor.

There were a lot of maids and cooks at South Hill, so to her disappointment, Huo Mian rarely got the chance to cook anymore.

Today, she was in the mood to make some dishes for Mr. Qin, so she headed towards the grocery store, wanting to buy some fresh vegetables before heading home.

But unexpectedly, she was rear-ended by a BMW X5 on the overpass.

Everyone was driving normally; Huo Mian didn't slow down, nor did she step on her brakes.

Still, she was rear-ended. What the freaking hell?

Huo Mian and the owner of the BMW both walked out of their cars. The driver was a young woman whom Huo Mian had never seen in her life.

However, she immediately recognized the woman beside her.

It was Song Yishi.

The meeting of enemies was sure unavoidable#

Huo Mian stared at them, and Song Yishi pretended to scold the woman beside her while reveling in Huo Mian's misfortunes, "Xuan, how could you drive your car into Miss Huo's?"