Chapter 1187: Husband is Very Angry, Consequence is Very Dire 8

"I don't think so. I was just stating a fact. I know you care about her and can't stand it when others slander her."

"If you knew, why did you still do it?" Huo Siqian demanded as his hands grasped Mo Xue'er even harder, making her squint. "Siqian, stop, you're hurting me."

Upon hearing this, Huo Siqian suddenly let go, but his expression was still unpleasant#

"I just don't want you to be deceived by her innocent looks. She's married, but she's still seducing Su Yu, you, and even Jiang Ye. You shouldn't be so hung up on a woman like her."

"Shut up."


"Get out of my face, right now."


"Don't make me repeat myself. Let me tell you, Mo Xue'er, you might be sleeping with me, but that doesn't mean you're anything to me. Our game rules were set a long time ago 每 I will enter your body, but never your life# You should mind your own business in the future. I know better than anyone the kind of person Huo Mian is. I met her even earlier than Qin Chu did. So, I suggest that you shut that stupid mouth of yours and leave right now, or else# you know what I'm capable of doing."

Upon seeing how angry Huo Siqian was, Mo Xue'er stopped talking, quickly put on her clothes, grabbed her bag, and left. She didn't say anything else.

The truth was, her words today were half-hearted and didn't reflect her true thoughts.

She risked everything to slander Huo Mian just so Huo Siqian could forget about her#

Mo Xue'er felt like Huo Siqian's feelings towards Huo Mian were nothing but a tragedy.

Huo Mian would never fall for anyone else, not even a man as outstanding as Su Yu, let alone him.

In Mo Xue'er's opinion, Huo Siqian was the perfect man. He was smart, considerate, rich, passionate, romantic, and good in bed.

When they were together, he treated her extremely well 每 he was passionate but not clingy.

The only problem was that he liked Huo Mian.

Why did everyone like Huo Mian? What was so good about her?

- The next morning -

Huo Mian arrived at South Side before work and began seeing patients as soon as her morning meeting ended.

A lot of patients set up appointments with her because she was a diligent doctor who always went out of her way for her patients. She also never tricked her patients into buying medicine that they didn't need.

Not only did she have a stellar reputation, but her medical skills were also amazing.

Word spread that there was a young neurologist at South Side who was not only good at her job but also really nice.

Therefore, more and more patients began scheduling consults with her. To lessen her burden, Director Wu increased her emergency consultation fees to 68 yuan.

68 yuan was a lot, but it wasn't enough to stop passionate patients from booking with her#

- Outside the Department of Neurology -

"Attention patients, Dr. Huo is about to go on her lunch break, so she can only see one more patient. You should all get some rest and come back in the afternoon. Dr. Huo can only see ten patients this afternoon, so the rest of you guys should come back tomorrow. If Dr. Huo is too tired, she might get sick and won't be able to see any patients."

Huo Mian's assistant, Chen Jie managed all of Huo Mian's scheduling matters. Ever since HR approved of her promotion, Chen Jie treated Huo Mian like her savior and spared no means to create a pleasant work environment for her boss.

"Chief, there's one more before patient before lunch," Chen Jie said through Huo Mian's internal line.

"Got it, tell the patient to come in."

Huo Mian then hung up the phone and massaged the bridge of her nose. She was obviously tired#

Seeing patients wasn't physically straining, but mental labor was extremely stressful, especially in an area like neurology. She didn't have many surgeries, but her patients' illnesses were all hard to treat.

Most patients suffered from mental or emotional illnesses, while others had psychosis.

Some patients would even go crazy during consultations, which, to some extent, posed a threat to Huo Mian.

The good news was, she was slowly adjusting to her job. In her own words, it wasn't easy to earn 1.2 million yuan a year 每 she had to be in constant fear of getting hurt.

"Hi Doctor," the last patient of the morning said as he walked in. The man was wearing a mask and was dressed very stylishly.

"Sit down first, and tell me what's wrong," Huo Mian said in a friendly manner.

"Okay," the man said as he took off his mask.

Huo Mian looked up at his face, and was instantly surprised by who she saw#