Chapter 1169: Persisting in Evil Brings about Self-Destruction 10

"Love isn't something to be said, it's something to be made."

"Fine, you win." Huo Mian covered her face with her hands, ready to grovel by his feet.

Qin Chu returned her confession of love into a sex-fueled palooza.

"Back to business though, did Mom talk to you about Huo Zhenghai?" Qin Chu asked.

Pleased with herself, Huo Mian replied, "Hey, not bad# you called her 'mom'. Money sure is great, my mom bought you over with 20,000 yuan."

Qin Chu was speechless. "Can't we enjoy a proper conversation anymore?"

"We can, haha, yeah, my mom talked to me about Huo Zhenghai. That despicable man used my mom's kindness to his advantage and played the victim time and again. He almost deceived my mom for the millionth time."

"What did you say to your mom? I hope you weren't too harsh on her, it would break her heart," Qin Chu persuaded, hoping to spare Yang Meirong's emotions.

"I totally forgot about my mom's emotions, I just showed her proof of Huo Zhenghai being some university student's sugar daddy, simple as that."

"I bet she was really sad to see those photos."

"She was fine. The truth is, my mom doesn't have any leftover feelings for that man anymore, she just feels bad for him. However, Huo Zhenghai has been taking advantage of my mother's sympathy from day one# I've never seen anyone as vile as he is."

"I hope she can let go of the past. We can't participate in the Huo Family's affairs, or else we might be burned as well."

"I know, I wouldn't have helped him even if you asked me to. I'm not a saint, I would never help someone who treated me like trash on the street and become enemies with a man scarier than the devil."

Qin Chu nodded# Soon, they arrived at South Hill Manor.

Ni Yang's physical examination came back normal; after a conversation with his lead surgeon, Huo Mian decided to give Ni Yang back his freedom. She immediately called Qin Chu, letting him know that Ni Yang was ready to go back to work.

As efficient as GK was, on that same day, the company announced that Ni Yang had signed a TV drama deal with Director Chen.

Elated, Ni Yang sent Huo Mian 8 red pockets, each with 200 yuan, as a 'thank you' for her help and support.

The days passed by#

Towards the end of the year, GK Film and Television and Imperial Star Entertainment sank into intense competition.

Many new movies were released to celebrate the new year, and the two companies both strived to release the greatest number of movies and receive the highest box offices.

Some netizens were even bored enough to compare the handsomeness of the two company's' presidents.

The competition was more than fierce could describe#

- GK Headquarters -

After his meeting, Qin Chu was walking out of the conference room when Yang handed him his phone. "Sir, something happened to General Manager Jiang at the branch company in T City."

"What?" Qin Chu was as calm as ever since he didn't care about Jiang Linyue at all.

"Apparently General Manager Jiang was hurt by a beam during her visit to one of the company's construction sites. Her injury isn't serious, but her ankle was dislocated, and she needs rest. Deputy General Manager Ji Chenglin has taken over all her duties for the time being."

"Okay." Qin Chu nodded, satisfied with the temporary transfer of power.

"Sir, General Manager Jiang called to request a paid leave of absence starting today."


"She also said that she will send over any hospital bills and subsequent rehabilitation fees to HQ so she could be reimbursed."


Qin Chu was a man with integrity; sure, he disliked Jiang Linyue, but business was business.

If that woman was really injured during work, GK had to take full responsibility; a paid leave of absence was necessary.

"Sir, but General Manager Jiang also said that#" Yang continued, but Qin Chu had lost his patience.

He frowned. "I suggest that you just tell me everything at once. I don't have much patience when it comes to her."