Chapter 1166: Persisting in Evil Brings about Self-Destruction 7

"Most of the Huo Corporation's stocks are in Huo Siqian's hands, what would we do with 8%? Plus, the Huo Corporation hasn't been stable, and if any scandals break out, the company's stocks will crash, so technically it wouldn't benefit us."

Upon seeing that Huo Mian was unwilling to give in, Yang Meirong continued, "He was a playboy at his prime, but I feel bad for him right now."

"Mom, remember that saying, 'The pathetic must have done something that led them there'? We can't help him out of pure sympathy, don't you remember the story of the farmer and the snake? The farmer helped the snake, but the snake bit him in return. That's what's going to happen if we help Huo Zhenghai."

Huo Mian was furious that once again, Huo Zhenghai used her mother's soft-heartedness for his own benefit.

"Mian, I know all that, but# you saw him, he looks senile and has gray hairs all over his head. You know I'm a soft-hearted woman, I can't watch him suffer like that. If you can't give him 500 million, can't you just lend him 100 million? Don't worry, you can demand that he use his real estate as a guarantee, he will most definitely pay you back."

"Mom, him repaying us isn't the point# If he just needs money, I can ask Qin Chu to lend him some. But the problem now is that he's in a civil war with Huo Siqian. If we help him, we'll be declaring our position in that war against Huo Siqian, who will immediately treat us like enemies. You have no idea how scary that foster son of his is# Let me put it like this, even Qin Chu feels uneasy towards him."

"He's that scary?" Yang Meirong was surprised, as Huo Mian's description of Huo Siqian was out of her expectations.

"What do you think? If Huo Siqian was just a nobody, would Huo Zhenghai bite the ground and ask everyone he knows to lend him money?"

"You have a point#" Depressed, Yang Meirong looked down onto the ground, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Mom# he's playing with your emotions. He knows your weaknesses and therefore uses them to his advantage. He's not worth helping, really, and I will never declare war against Huo Siqian for him. Oh, and# perhaps you don't know about this, but he hasn't been back to his mansion in a while. Instead, he's staying at a condo at Ocean Garden with a university student. That girl's an undergraduate sophomore. She's 20 years old, even young than I am. His empire isn't the only thing that he's concerned about, he's also trying as hard as he can to have another son# His greed has no limits, Mom. Do you really think that I will help a man who has the time to sleep with girls less than half his age?"

"You# are you telling me the truth? Or are these just rumors?" Yang Meirong's eyes opened wide as she asked Huo Mian, who took out her phone and opened a link. "Take a look at it for yourself."

It was a news article posted by the media a few days ago. No one was really paying attention to Huo Zhenghai these days, so it quickly died off.

However, the photos where clearer than ever 每 the first photo was of him holding the hands of a young woman; they were standing outside his residential district.

The woman, wearing a red mink jacket and white beret, was pretty and sweet-looking.

The second photo was of them in a grocery store. He was pushing the cart, while the woman intimately linked arms with him.

The third photo was also the best one 每 it was a photo of them making out in a car. The photo only captured the side of his face, but anyone who knew what Huo Zhenghai looked like would instantly know that it was him.

Yang Meirong felt her heart sink little by little upon seeing these photos#

She hated herself for still believing that damned man# He almost manipulated her again#

"That old man# he deserves everything he gets. As the old saying goes, 'Persisting in evil brings about self-destruction'. That phrase perfectly describes him. I can't believe he has the audacity to be some university student's sugar daddy at a time like this."

"So# of course I wouldn't agree to lend him 500 million yuan, how would I know he wouldn't buy that woman a mansion or a Porsche with that money?"

"I got it, Mian, I understand everything now. He'll never get to see me or use me, ever again," Yang Meirong said. Then, she stormed back into the house angrily#

Huo Mian was freezing after standing in the cold for so long; the good news was, Qin Chu turned on the heater in the car, warming her up as soon as she climbed in.

"Honey, let's go home." Huo Mian smiled as she buckled her seatbelt.

Yang Meirong sat furiously down on the couch upon returning home#

Yang Xiuping, who couldn't take a hint, scooted up to her and asked, "Auntie, I'm really curious, how did Mian meet her husband? How did she marry rich? She's not that pretty, and only graduated from a third-tier university#"