Chapter 1164: Persisting in Evil Brings about Self-Destruction 5

"You can work here and spend time with my mom. You can cook for her, clean for her, and talk to her. My mom's old, and she can't clean a 200-square meter townhouse by herself anymore. I was going to hire her a cleaner anyway, but since you're already here and you said you could do anything, I thought it'd be best if you just worked here. I'm sure you'll do a great job#"

"Cousin Mian, but I#" Before Yang Xiuping could finish her sentence, Huo Mian continued, "Ever since Zhixin went abroad, my mom's been feeling really lonely. The neighbors she used to live with now live far away, so they can't see each other every day. She doesn't have much to do by herself anyways. When you're done with work around the house, you can go out with her and do some grocery shopping and square dancing. My mom said you're a great dancer, you're really good at dancing that popular song, Little Apple, right?"

"Cousin Mian, I actually#"

Yang Xiuping wanted to protest, but Huo Mian didn't even give her the chance to do so. She continued interrupting her, "You can eat here and live here, and I'll pay you 3,000 yuan a month. It's quite a lot. You're my cousin, and I have to treat you well, right? You can have 4 days off every month, you can either spend that time walking around town or visiting home if you miss your parents."

After saying all that, Huo Mian turned around to Qin Chu and showed him a post on her WeChat friend circle.

"Honey# a new barbeque restaurant opened here, it looks pretty good. Let's go try it some time."

"Sure." Qin Chu nodded.

In the end, Yang Xiuping never got the chance to finish her thought; all she felt was anger culminating within her.

The truth was, she didn't care about how much she made; all she wanted was to work closer to Qin Chu.

She noticed that she barely got to see Qin Chu at Sky Blessing court. Therefore, she was looking for an opportunity to go work at GK, but Huo Mian never provided her with one.

Truth be told, Huo Mian knew what Yang Xiuping was thinking as soon as the latter opened her mouth#

Thus, she would never bring trouble upon herself or Qin Chu; Yang Xiuping may be from the countryside, but she wasn't a simple and honest small-town girl.

Perhaps it was because of the convenience of cellphones and the internet, but Yang Xiuping browsed WeChat and other apps, just like any other city dweller.

Therefore, she wasn't an ignorant girl from the countryside. Not only was she aware that Qin Chu was GK's president, she also knew what it took to survive in this city.

Therefore, she wanted to become a rich man's sugar baby# And, her brother-in-law was one that was super good looking as well. She would give and do anything to be with him, with or without money#

Unhappy, Yang Xiuping sat on the other end of the couch and didn't utter another word.

Just then, Yang Meirong brought out a pot of pork hock soup and some egg pancakes.

Huo Mian immediately dug in; after a few bites, she began to miss Zhixin.

Therefore, without thinking too much about the time difference, she sent him a video request#

It was 9:30 PM in China, so 1:30 AM where Zhixin was.

The phone rang for a while before Zhixin finally picked it up in a daze.

Upon seeing who it was, Zhixin half-threatened his sister, "Huo Little Mian, how dare you call me in the middle of the night!"

"Lazy boy, come and have some pork hock soup#" Huo Mian said as she showed Zhixin the pot of soup on the dining table, which immediately woke him up.

"Holy crap# I can't believe you would do this to me in the middle of the night, you suck#" Zhixin had to swallow a couple of times to stop himself from drooling.

"Zhixin# you look like you've lost weight." Yang Meirong looked at her son with a heartbroken expression on her face.

"Mom# I'm skinny, but I grew much taller. My classmates and I jog and play basketball every day, and I live a really fulfilled life. I also eat a lot, so don't worry about me!"

"Then, Jing Zhixin noticed the man sitting beside Huo Mian and said, "Hey, is that my brother-in-law?"

"Yup!" Huo Mian said as she turned the camera towards her husband.

"Brother-in-Law, you've gotten more handsome!"

"Do you have enough allowance? If you don't, I'll ask the Finance Department to send you some more tomorrow." Qin Chu looked at Zhixin dotingly, as if he were his own brother.

"Mr. Qin, don't be like that, you can't give him money as soon as he calls you handsome." Amused, Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu, and then back at Zhixin. "You can't be like that either, no ass-kissing as soon as you see your brother-in-law, got it?"

"Ass-kissing requires technique, okay? It doesn't just work on everyone#" Then, Zhixin glanced over the girl sitting not far behind Huo Mian and asked, "Hey, sis, who's the girl behind you? Did you hire a maid for mom?"

Zhixin's inadvertent question left Yang Xiuping in endless awkwardness#