Chapter 116: Paying It Forward

Her question obviously infuriated Liu Siying. She tagged Zhu Lingling and answered, "I was at Qin Chu's house last night. My father and I paid his parents a visit and he happened to be there as well, so we had dinner together. Do you really think that I'm bored enough to steal someone else's photo?"

"Oh, I see, so it's a business partnership," Zhu Lingling replied.

Everyone knew that Zhu Lingling was best friends with Huo Mian, so it was natural for her to act hostile towards Liu Siying.

"It wasn't a partnership; my father wasn't there on business. Our families are close. Qin Chu's new car is awesome, and he even took me on a ride with him."

"I'll believe it if I see it," Zhu Lingling replied coldly.

"I'm not going to send you all the photos. After all, it's a private thing between me and Qin Chu," Liu Siying gloated.

Huo Mian felt uncomfortable at the sight of this…

Last night, Qin Chu came home late, and he looked weird when he did…

Was it because he took Liu Siying on a ride in his car…?

As Huo Mian was lost in thought, Zhu Lingling shot over a WeChat message. She asked, "Mian, is what she said true? Did Qin Chu really have dinner with her? That woman's disgusting."

"I don't know either, I never ask Qin Chu regarding his whereabouts."

"What do you mean? Aren't you guys married?" Zhu Lingling asked.

Huo Mian smiled bitterly and replied to her via voice message, "You know our relationship, we're not the lovey-dovey kind. Anyways, it's weird."

"You need to keep him on a tight leash! Aren't you afraid that someone will steal him from you? Qin Chu's quite a catch."

"I can't do anything about it. If something like that really happens, then I'll have an excuse to get divorced. It'll work out nicely."

"Mian, is that what you really want?"

"Lingling, let's forget about him. Let's talk about you. I haven't seen you in days, and I miss you already! Let's go out for food."

"Sounds good, I'll make reservations. What do you want to eat?" Zhu Lingling agreed right away.

"It's my treat today, so you pick the place."

"Awesome, Mrs. Moneybags! I'll see you in a bit."

Huo Mian put down her phone and began changing. As she was leaving the hospital, Zhu Lingling sent her the location of the restaurant.

- The Seafood Restaurant at Hilton Hotel -

Huo Mian took a cab there and arrived at the same time as Zhu Lingling.

"Mrs. Moneybags, I plan on eating you poor today."

"Sounds good, eat as much as you can." Huo Mian smiled.

"Qin Chu treats you well, he provides you with an endless cash flow!" Zhu Lingling exclaimed.

"His monthly salary is transferred onto my card. Although I didn't earn that money, I don't think he'll mind me spending a little bit of it here and there." Huo Mian smiled.

She and Zhu Lingling were both seafood lovers. In the past, she was poor so Lingling always treated her.

Now that she had money, she was going to pay her best friend back by treating her to a big feast.

They ordered a giant platter with all kinds of seafood. In the middle of the platter was a 4-pound Australian lobster.

Huo Mian and Zhu Lingling both dug into it in unison, too busy eating to engage in small talk.

After their stomachs were stuffed with seafood and wine, Huo Mian wiped the corners of her mouth and asked, "What's going on with you? We haven't talked in a while, have you been busy? Are you still selling stuff online?"

"No, I'm not. I've been busy being in a relationship."

"A relationship? You have a new boyfriend?" smiling, Huo Mian looked up and asked curiously.

Zhu Lingling laughed mysteriously, "Oh yeah, and I like him a lot. But now's not the time for you to meet him. Once we go public with our relationship, I'll tell you everything."

"Okay then, good luck on your relationship." Huo Mian held up her wine glass.

"Thanks, Goddess Mian."

Huo Mian's heart sank a bit when she saw the bill…

Although she had already anticipated that it would be an expensive meal, 39,800 yuan was a little over the top, and it shocked her…

"What, are you regretting now?" Zhu Lingling nudged her elbow.

"Maybe if I were treating someone else, but definitely not you. I just think that we've been ripped off. This meal wasn't worth that much. Do you know how much we could buy with 30,000 yuan at the seafood market? We'd be able to buy a couple giant buckets of shrimp."

"Haha, that's not the same. This is the Hilton Hotel, Miss Huo." Zhu Lingling laughed.

After leaving the hotel, Huo Mian got onto Zhu Lingling's car.

Zhu Lingling drove a red Mazda Atenza. Huo Mian used to joke that it was a typical homewrecker car.

That's because it was a popular car and everyone was driving it, especially young women.

However, with Zhu Lingling's monthly salary of 15,000 yuan, this car was luxurious enough.

"Mian, I hate that bitch Liu Siying, can you think of a way to make her life hell?"

"Um… how?"

"You can upload your marriage certificate to our group, then she'll have nothing else to say." Zhu Lingling smiled evilly.