Chapter 114: Difficult to Deal With

Huo Mian smiled back at her. "Alright, then hurry and blow it up. It'll get really good once the media gets involved. Not only will our hospital become famous, so will you, the attending physician in our Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. Of course, when that happens, I'll be sure to have a good chat with the reporters and give them a good look at what a doctor's basic professional ethics are like."

"You…" Wu Xiaoxue hadn't expected Huo Mian to be so difficult to deal with. She was almost too quick-witted for her to keep up with.

"If you thought I'd be easy to deal with, you are dead wrong. The reality is, I'm not that easy to topple," Huo Mian taunted Wu Xiaoxue. Then, she turned on her heel and left.

Wu Xiaoxue was left pale with rage...

Originally, Wu Xiaoxue hadn't actually held too much animosity toward Huo Mian. However, He Man's repeated hinting had indeed fanned the flames of her displeasure towards Huo Mian. Although she knew that He Man was a bad egg, her words still affected her.

He Man said that Ning Zhiyuan really loved Huo Mian, and that he had once spent several years courting her.

She also said that Ning Zhiyuan's new apartment was originally bought so that he and Huo Mian could get married.

She also said that Ning Zhiyuan's parents loved Huo Mian like she was their own daughter.

Finally, He Man stressed that, although they weren't together anymore, Huo Mian was still a very important woman in Ning Zhiyuan's life.

A woman's jealousy was a terrible thing, and Wu Xiaoxue was not a level-headed woman to begin with.

Therefore, under He Man's prodding, when she had next encountered Huo Mian, she treated her as an arch nemesis.

She really liked Ning Zhiyuan. Although he wasn't much of a sweet-talker, Ning Zhiyuan was very talented.

She had read Ning Zhiyuan's academic papers before and found that they were exceptional. During a hospital meeting, the director of the hospital had specifically praised Ning Zhiyuan.

That wasn't all. A short while back, one of Ning Zhiyuan's optometry treatment plans had gained the attention of a medical institute abroad and he was invited to study there. She had begun worshipping him because of this.

In addition, Ning Zhiyuan didn't act clingy around her. This further stoked her interest towards him.

Throwing caution to the wind, she had moved into Ning Zhiyuan's apartment and even met his parents.

Although the elderly couple didn't seem to like her much, she was confident she could make Ning Zhiyuan marry her.

- Outside the Optometry Clinic -

Wu Xiaoxue leaned against the doorframe, watching Ning Zhiyuan take a call in his office.

Then, he hung up the phone and saw her. He got up and walked over. "Why are you here?"

"Ah, I'm not really busy today, so I came to see you."

"Oh, come in. Have a seat." Ning Zhiyuan smiled.

Wu Xiaoxue wrapped her arms around Ning Zhiyuan's neck flirtingly. "Zhiyuan, let's get married."

Ning Zhiyuan was caught by surprise. He hadn't thought about this before.

For him, dating Wu Xiaoxue was purely an accident. After he and Huo Mian broke up, he had been quite down. He Man's novelty had also worn off. That was why he had driven to the bar to get drunk after work.

Unexpectedly, he ran into Wu Xiaoxue, who, upon recognizing him, came over to drink with him.

By the end, both of them were drunk. Naturally, certain things happened.

He had thought that she would just be a one-night stand. To his surprise, however, Wu Xiaoxue stuck onto him like glue and even drove to his new home on her own accord.

After some thought, he figured that Wu Xiaoxue was, after all, the Director's niece. Being with her would benefit his career.

With that, Ning Zhiyuan kicked He Man to the curb with record speed and latched onto Wu Xiaoxue. This made him the hottest topic of gossip at the hospital.

However, dating was one thing. He really hadn't thought about marriage at all.

Right now, he only wanted to become an attending. Then, he would continue his climb upward, ultimately toppling his department chief and taking his place.

"What's with that expression. Don't you want to?" Seeing his expression, Wu Xiaoxue was obviously displeased.

"No, that's not it."

"Then why the long face? You don't look happy at all."

"I'm just not prepared for marriage."

"But I'm pregnant," Wu Xiaoxue whined.

"What?" Ning Zhiyuan instantly felt his mind go blank.