Chapter 1137: A Battle of Geniuses 8

"Are you really only staying for a day? Why just a day? You should stay, our high school is great."

"Oh yes! Our high school is the best in the city! Did you know that the famous president of GK graduated from our school? So did his wife!"

"Did you bring any pens? I can lend you one, I have a lot!"

"Hey, if you are not used to sitting here, I can ask the teacher to switch your seat. You can sit with me in the front, you'll be closer to the board."

Voices were coming towards him from all sides. The girls had surrounded his desk so tightly that not even a fly could get through. Qin Chu sat in the middle of all the attention, not sure what he was supposed to do.

Qin Chu was twenty-seven turning twenty-eight soon, and for the first time, he dressed down to appear as a high school student. Surprisingly enough, not only did he actually look like a high school student, he also looked younger than most of the boys in his class.

"What's your name?"

"Qin... Ran." Qin Chu paused for a moment and decided to steal Gao Ran's name.

Huo Mian, on the other end, changed her name to Huo Lingling.

Out of options, Zhu Lingling gave herself a celebrity sounding name, Zhu Huiyuan, and Gao Ran swapped his name with Qin Chu and called himself Gao Chu.

Being the young and naïve high school kids they were, they all believed it.

Qin Chu was busy being surrounded by a circle of girls and didn't have the time to respond to Huo Mian's WeChat message.

Gao Ran was like a fish in the water, during the break, he immediately played a game of basketball with his classmates. So, he ended up making a lot of guy friends while the girls clapped and cheered for him on the sidelines.

Zhu Lingling, on the other hand, was in a rather awkward situation. She took off her jacket and was about to start studying when a boy behind her asked, "Are you really a high school student?"

"Is there a problem?" Zhu Lingling turned around and asked him.

"You are quite well developed." The boy gave a meaningful smile as he glanced at Zhu Lingling's chest. Immediately, she rolled up the English paperback book and smacked the boy on the head.

A 34D chest wasn't something that everyone had, alright? It was considered a strength of hers, so why was she being made fun of now that she was in school?

After all, even seven years ago, her chest was already pretty big. Her breasts were bigger than Huo Mian's by at least a cup size, if not more.

Back then, she used to always joke with Huo Mian and call her the Flat Princess. Huo Mian, on the other hand, would address her respectfully as the Dairy Sis.

Zhu Lingling's mind wandered in memory lane and couldn't help but admit that the olden days were truly golden. If it weren't for this opportunity, they may not ever have the chance to experience their youth again.

Math exams had always been tough on girls since it was not their strongest suit. Girls were usually better in subjects that were more focused on liberal arts, such as language, history, and government and politics. Boys, on the other hand, were much more interested in subjects such as math and physics.

The class that Huo Mian was in was not only gifted, it was also heavily science and math-focused.

She was indeed randomly assigned to the class and never intended to come to a top class like such. Luckily, it was her and not Zhu Lingling that was assigned to the class, or else the latter would have a tough time here.

Huo Mian finished the math exam with no stress whatsoever. Not only did she hand in her test papers early, she also went out to the school courtyard for a walk. She felt amazing as the wind breezed through her hair.

During lunchtime, all the students went to eat in the cafeteria. The four of them kept their act of pretending not to know each other and sat separately.

Huo Mian got her tray of food and watched Qin Chu from afar. He was being surrounded by girls with no way in or out.

"Ah sh*t. So damn dramatic. I don't remember it being like this when we were in school," Huo Mian said sourly.

"Hi!" A boy sat down in front of her and waved.

Huo Mian gave the boy a glance and vaguely remembered that he was in her class.