Chapter 1136: A Battle of Geniuses 7

When Huo Mian, Qin Chu, Gao Ran, and Zhu Lingling walked in, the principle separated them into different classes. In order for them to have the most surreal experience as a high schooler again, they were to be treated like real students, just like everyone else.

A total of ten successful alumni returned for this event and their group and the others had also been assigned to different classes.

Huo Mian was assigned to the eighth class in grade eleven, it was apparently a gifted class composed of model students.

Qin Chu and Gao Ran were assigned to the fifth and ninth class of Grade twelve respectively.

Zhu Lingling, on the other hand, was a little low on luck. She was assigned to the second class in grade ten, where she was stuck with a bunch of freshmen who had been at Second High for less than a semester.

All four of them graduated from high school seven years ago, it was an unreal experience to return in such a way.

Thirty or so pairs of curious eyes shot towards the front as soon as the homeroom teacher walked in with Huo Mian trailing behind.

Huo Mian was a little reluctant to reveal her identity, and so she did what everyone did in a situation like this - wear black-rimmed glasses.

"Good morning class, this is a student from another school. She is here for the day to study with us. Everyone, please give her a warm welcome."

"Hey pretty angel, which school did you come from?" a boy asked with a mischievous smile.

Huo Mian spread her lips into a smile but didn't reply.

"Alright everyone, keep it down and study. There's a math mock exam later." Everyone sighed as soon as the homeroom teacher finished speaking.

High school life made everyone feel like they are merely exam-writing robots.

There was pretty much a quiz every three days and a test every five days. On top of that, there were also weekly, monthly, midterm, and final exams. It really brought forth a sense of urgency for everyone to study hard. There was barely any time for anything else, and there was most definitely no time for romance.

Huo Mian was seated in the third row, beside a chubby boy in glasses.

The "Back to Seventeen" event was rather secretive. No one knew about it other than the participants and the school employees. In the end, the students really thought Huo Mian and the others were all just students.

Unlike active members of society, kids are less likely to put their focus on who the president of GK and Imperial Star Entertainment are. For the most part, these students were all very heavily focused on school, studying, and of course, their own inner thoughts and feelings of being a teen.

Huo Mian glanced around curiously, her eyes wide with interest.

"Hey, new kid. Which school did you come from?"

"Um… Xin Hua High," Huo Mian blurted out the first high school that came to her mind.

"Xin Hua High? I have a cousin that goes there, which class are you in?" the chubby boy continued.

Huo Mian put her index finger on her lips and quietly hushed him.

"Start studying! The teacher is coming soon."

"Oh. Okay." The chubby boy nodded and quietly began reading his textbook.

"Why did she come to our class? Does she not know this is a gifted class? We're all going to get nineties on the test later, wouldn't she be embarrassed if she got a sixty?" A girl whispered to her friend. The girls in the gifted class had a superiority complex and therefore were extremely unwelcoming towards Huo Mian, who was an outsider.

"She will know what it's like to feel ashamed when the test result comes back," another girl replied.

Huo Mian kept her silence and pretended to read the textbook. She then took out her phone and sent Qin Chu a WeChat message under the table.

"Hey hey, Mr. Qin, anything happening on your end? I'm having a test later."

Little did she know that Qin Chu had no time to reply. His class exploded with excitement the moment he walked in. Word got around that a hottie transferred to the class for the day, and as soon as he was seated, all the girls crowded around his desk.

"You're so handsome! Which school did you transfer from?"