Chapter 1126: Back to Seventeen 7

"Not yet, Honey… I'm still out of town, I didn't even get on the plane yet," Qin Chu replied gently.

"Oh… are you still coming home tonight?" Huo Mian was slightly disappointed; for some reason, she was clingier than ever.

She didn't like it when Qin Chu went out of town for work, especially if he had to spend the night away from her.

This was because South Hill Manor was too big, so if she was left alone in their bedroom, she felt extremely lonely and empty, even though there were countless maids around the house.

"I am, but I won't be able to arrive until 8 PM. Don't wait for me to have dinner, it'll be too late."

"Okay, I'll go eat at my mom's house then. Oh, right… a new movie was just released, do you want to watch it together?"

"I don't know when I'll be able to get back, let's decide after you have dinner."

"Sounds good." Huo Mian nodded and then hung up the phone.

As soon as Qin Chu hung up his call with Huo Mian, Rick's call came in; they were good friends, but Rick rarely called Qin Chu unless there was something he needed to talk to him about.

Therefore, Qin Chu was always very careful when he received phone calls from Rick…

"Qin Chu, something really weird happened today that I have to tell you about."

"Go ahead," Qin Chu said calmly.

"You know that I have people protecting Huo Mian, right? We have been keeping track of everyone around her, and ever since she was kidnapped, I planted people in the hospital, so we could keep a closer eye on Huo Mian, but today…"

Then, Rick paused, and Qin Chu became nervous…

"What happened today?" he probed, and Rick answered, "This morning, while Huo Mian was driving to work, a Hummer seemed to be following her. I'm not completely sure though…"

"What do you mean by 'not completely sure'?" Qin Chu frowned; how could Rick not be sure if someone was following Mian? Was she going to be in danger again?

"Because that car followed her for a while, before suddenly turning away. Then, it showed up again… It didn't really make sense…"

"Did that car… follow her all the way to South Side?" worried, Qin Chu continued to ask.

"No… before it got to South Side, the car made a turn and left, making it seem like it was just a coincidence… But from my experience, it definitely wasn't by accident… That means whoever was in the car is an expert and was playing hide and seek with us… If that's the case, we're in trouble, because that person is extremely smart. That's why I wanted to ask you if you wanted to increase security around Huo Mian or ask her to stop working for a while."

Rick was a calm and reliable man. Some people may think that he liked to overreact, but the truth was, his analyses had never been wrong; his sixth sense had never failed him.

"Getting her to take time off work isn't viable, Mian would never agree to it. She's simply not capable of staying at home and doing nothing… Could you tighten security for now? I need to ensure her safety," Qin Chu said after giving it some thought.

"Yeah, that's a good idea, I'll make sure our people are on high alert. Oh, right, something else suspicious happened that I wanted to tell you about, but I don't know if it had anything to do with Huo Mian being followed." Rick suddenly remembered something else.

"Go ahead."