Chapter 1125: Back to Seventeen 6

Huo Mian immediately smiled shyly. "I'm not that lucky. Anyways, we don't have the genes for twins. The probability is extremely slim."

Because of her time in the OB/GYN Department, she was quite knowledgeable in the field. Huo Mian was very rational and wouldn't dream about impossible things.

She left unwillingly after watching the babies for a while.

She chose to take the stairs because of the number of people by the elevator doors.

The stairs from the second to the third floor were broad, and the medical staff took it because the elevator was inconvenient.

So, she didn't pay attention to the people rushing by...

A woman in a white lab coat lowered her head and walked past her...

"Chief Huo."

"Mhm." Huo Mian nodded.

She was used to these types of greetings since she didn't know too many doctors at the hospital due to their sheer numbers.

However, most of them knew her, since she was simply too famous...

Therefore, she didn't pay attention to the female doctor who greeted her.

When she returned to her office, she couldn't find her employee badge.

It was hanging right in front of her chest just now...

It was nothing since her employee badge had no important personal information.

However, it did have an one inch by one inch picture of Huo Mian on it. She wasn't wearing any makeup in the photo but was still really pretty.

Qin Chu used to joke that only those who looked good in official photos were truly pretty.

Huo Mian was immediately put in an agitated mood; she scoured through her office but couldn't find it.

"Jie… come in for a second," she called her assistant with the internal line.

A minute later, Chen Jie ran in.

"Chief, what's wrong?"

"My employee badge is gone, did you see it?"

"I saw you wearing it this morning…" Chen Jie was a little shocked.

"Yeah, I had it when I went to the OB/GYN department, but now it's gone."

"Maybe you lost it on the way here, I'll go find it." After speaking, Chen Jie was just about to leave, but Huo Mian stopped her. "Wait for a second, Jie."

"Do you need something else, Chief?" Chen Jie looked back.

"If you don't find it, can you broadcast it over the intercom to see if anyone found it and if they could bring it to me?"

Huo Mian knew that it would be inconvenient if she had to apply for another employee badge. It's just too much hassle.

So, she wanted to look for it over the intercom...

Chen Jie nodded, closed the door, and went to look for Huo Mian's employee badge.

She spent half a day looking for it in vain.

The South Side intercom announced, "If anyone found Chief Huo Mian's employee badge, please bring it to the broadcasting room on the first floor."

On the roof of the building across South Side stood a young woman in a black leather jacket with waist-long hair.

She didn't seem afraid of the cold, as she sat on the bone-piercing cold roof with an employee badge in hand.

Then, she slowly read...

"Huo Mian, chief physician of the department of neurology…"

She pretended to be a doctor just about ten minutes ago and walked past Huo Mian.

Then, she stole Huo Mian's employee badge without the latter even noticing.

Then, she even talked to Huo Mian, who thought that she was just another coworker.

The girl held Huo Mian's badge with warmth in her eyes...

She could actually get so close to her, so close.

"Boss… The helicopter is going to pick us up at the drop off location in fifteen minutes. It's time to go," a man in a black fur coat behind her reminded her with a serious expression.

"Mmm…" the girl looked at the employee badge once more before carefully placing it in the pocket of her jacket.

Maybe he knew what the girl was thinking...

The man said again, "We're on an urgent mission, we can't stay for long… Boss, if you want to see her, you'll have a lot more opportunities in the future…"

"I know." The girl slowly got up and looked at South Side.

Then, she slowly put on her black deerskin gloves, leaped off the staircase leading to the roof, and left with that man.

The broadcast ran on an entire afternoon, but Huo Mian still couldn't find it. In the end, she had no choice but to apply for a new one.

That evening when Huo Mian got off work, she put on her earbuds and called Qin Chu.

"Sweetie…" Qin Chu picked up the call, and his voice couldn't be warmer.

"Honey, are you back yet?" Huo Mian happily beamed.