Chapter 1124: Back to Seventeen 5

"Yeah, but I'm not sure. As of right now, I have zero evidence."

"Then how do you know that you're being stalked?" Jiang Xiaowei asked.

"I have a feeling, a really strong one… I feel like a pair of eyes have been watching me ever since I left for work this morning, even at the hospital after my morning meeting. But, I don't see them. It's a terrifying feeling, I feel really uneasy…" Huo Mian anxiously said.

She wanted Jiang Xiaowei to analyze the situation for her because she was a psychologist.

Huo Mian had been very defensive since her kidnapping last time and observed her surroundings and those who surrounded her at all times.

"If you have the feeling, it might be real… Look out for any suspicious people or vehicles and record them," Jiang Xiaowei reminded her.

"No, that's the scary part. I can't find anyone that's suspicious, and it's like everything is just a part of my imagination."

"Ha… Then that might be your imagination, you've been stressed lately. Actually, stress and tiredness might produce hallucinations, including visual and auditory ones..."

"No, I've never felt like this before when I was stressed, you know? It's a new feeling, I feel like they're close to me but I can't see or feel them. I can't describe it with words…"

Huo Mian couldn't really describe that subtle feeling...

"Hmm? That's weird… If that's the case, you should really be careful. Please don't get into any accidents, your status is really special right now. You're a department chief of South Side and the Young Madam of the Qin Family. It's only natural for people to plot against you…"

"Mhm, I'll watch out." Huo Mian nodded.

Huo Mian felt much better after talking with Jiang Xiaowei.

Then, she made an international call to Zhixin before returning to work.

In the afternoon, she strolled around downstairs after seeing patients.

She heard that a woman gave birth to triplet girls in the OB/GYN department on the second floor, so everyone in the hospital went to see the sight.

Normally, Huo Mian didn't like to join the crowd, but she couldn't hold back due to her love for babies.

- At the doors of the OB/GYN department -

"Chief Huo," some doctors from the department greeted Huo Mian upon seeing her.

They all respected Huo Mian for her proposal to reorganize the hospital.

If not for her, South Side wouldn't be as authoritative as it was now, so much so that it was about to surpass the First Hospital.

If not for Huo Mian, South Side would be a recuperation center known for scandals, which shouldn't be the case for a decent hospital.

"The patient had a C-section, right? Was she due?" Huo Mian leaned against the glass window of the ICU and looked at the three cute babies in the incubators with a warm gaze.

"No, she can't be due with so many babies, she had a C-section at thirty-five weeks… She suffered from pregnancy hypertension too, she couldn't have made it to term," one of the doctors replied.

"Are the babies healthy?"

"Mhm, they're just a little smaller. One only weighed one kilogram, but they're still pretty healthy. They're surviving just fine." The OB/GYN doctor smiled.

"So lucky… three little princesses." Huo Mian was very jealous and leaned against the window to look at the three kids in front of her.

Her eyes were overflowing with the shine of motherly love...

"Chief Huo, get in on the luck, maybe you'll have twins or triplets in the future." A doctor gave her blessings as she smiled.