Chapter 1123: Back to Seventeen 4

"Mhm, I'll make sure to check up on everything from now on. I won't be used as a puppet anymore." After speaking, Mrs. Qin checked her watch. "It's late, you two should rest up. I'm going to go now."

"Okay, bye."

After seeing Mrs. Qin out, Huo Mian went to shower upstairs and got into bed with Qin Chu.

"My mom is superstitious, don't mind her," Qin Chu explained to Huo Mian.

"It's a good thing, maybe the Guanyin might really give us a baby."

"You really believe in stuff like this?" Qin Chu was a little surprised.

"Sometimes, I have to believe…" Huo Mian laughed with a hint of hopelessness.

She wanted a child too, but she was out of options. So, she put her hope in the gods, wishing a way out of the dead end she was in.

Qin Chu hugged Huo Mian a bit heartachingly...

"Don't be sad, we'll have a baby. She or he might already be on their way here…"

The next morning, Qin Chu took a private jet away from C City at 5 AM for his business trip.

Huo Mian drove to work alone, but she felt as if someone was watching her on the way there.

However, when she turned to look, she saw nothing. The feeling was really strange.

Frowning, Huo Mian exited the highway slowly...

Behind her in a Black Hummer, a woman's voice said, "Okay, stop following her. She's clever. If we keep following her, she's going to take notice."

"Yes, Boss." The men in black clothes and sunglasses nodded.

When Huo Mian got to the hospital, she was still a little distraught...

"Chief Huo, these are the main points of the morning meeting, you can just refer to this sheet here." Her assistant, Chen Jie handed her a file.

"Chief?" Chen Jie quietly called again upon seeing no reaction from Huo Mian who, only then, was pulled back to earth…

"Huh? What were you saying?" Huo Mian turned around to look at Chen Jie.

"I said… These are the main talking points for the morning meeting, you can just refer to this."

"Oh, okay."

Huo Mian was still distraught when she took the folder, she was completely distracted.

"Chief… You… Did something happen?"

"No… No."

"If you have some personal issues, I'll go to the meeting for you. You don't seem to be focused." Chen Jie rarely saw Huo Mian like this, and therefore couldn't help but worry.

"I'm fine, you can go back to work."


After the morning meeting, Huo Mian left the conference room, crossed the main hall on the first floor and took the elevator to the floor of her office.

Then, that feeling appeared again...

It was like someone was watching her, but she didn't know who that person was.

She nervously looked around at the doctors, patients, and nurses walking around and couldn't tell.

She only felt a crippling headache...

"What do I have this feeling, it's so weird…" Huo Mian talked to herself and quickly walked into the elevator.

When she walked in, a female doctor on the second floor took off her face mask and smiled at Huo Mian's disappearing silhouette.

After a busy morning, Huo Mian looked at her watch and saw that it was almost time for lunch.

She took out her phone and texted Jiang Xiaowei.

"Xiaowei, whatcha doing?"

"Sunbathing and eating fruits."

"You didn't go to work today?"

"No, nothing's going on at the station and Wei Liao told me not to go. I'm practically on maternity leave, and don't have to go to work unless there's a special situation that needs me. What's wrong?" Jiang Xiaowei immediately asked her when she heard something wrong in Huo Mian's tone.

"Xiaowei, I think someone is stalking me."

"Someone's stalking you?" Jiang Xiaowei was surprised.