Chapter 1122: Back to Seventeen 3

He was an atheist and didn't believe in anything that science couldn't answer. He would never believe in the presence of a god in this world.

In his words, he only trusted himself.

Huo Mian was more interested in religion so she didn't say anything. She only silently looked at the Guanyin statue.

"Don't think too much about it, your dad and I obviously want you to have kids as soon as possible, so we got one for you guys. It's fine if you guys don't believe in it, you don't have to follow the traditions and give offerings. Just ask someone to put down some fruits and light some incense every so often, I trust that the child-bringing Guanyin will bless our family."

Qin Chu wanted to ask his mother to take it away...

However, before the words came out of his mouth, he heard Huo Mian say, "Thank you."

Qin Chu looked at Huo Mian with a hint of surprise; he didn't expect her to actually accept the statue and thank his mother.

Mrs. Qin seemed to be in a good mood too as she nodded back at her.

Then, Qin Chu went upstairs to shower, leaving Huo Mian alone with his mother in the living room.

They were enemies before and rarely sat together and talked alone.

The atmosphere was quite awkward at first...

"Have you been busy at the hospital?" Madam Qin asked.

"Mhm, it's the end of the year, so we have quite a bit of stuff to do."

"You're not a nurse anymore, you don't have to work night shifts. Also, I heard that neurology doctors aren't as busy as gynecologists, right?"

"Yeah." Huo Mian nodded once again.

"Work is important, but family is important too# I hope that you can spend more time on Chu and the family."

"I will."

"You two are meant to be together, and I wish the best for you. Even though I was mean to you before, now that so much has happened, I can finally see through everything. I hope that you won't hold grudges for what happened in the past." Mrs. Qin's words were ever so calm...

Huo Mian quietly listened to her, she knew that Mrs. Qin was referring to Uncle Jing's death as the grudge between them.

If it were the old Huo Mian, she might've had a wall up in her heart. After all, there was a life involved. Uncle Jing, the closest person she had as a father figure, died.

However, some things that happened later changed her view, especially when she realized that Uncle Jing was closely tied to her real family background.

Huo Mian had a bold hypothesis that Uncle Jing's death wasn't the doing of the Qin Family, but rather someone who utilized their hands to do the deed.

She didn't know if they were the ones who killed Uncle Jing, because most people related to her birth were either dead or missing.

Even the birth records went up in flames, could everything really be a coincidence?

Huo Mian wanted to ask Mrs. Qin what happened all those years ago but now wasn't the time.

The two's relationship was improving now, and asking about the incident wouldn't be beneficial to the situation.

Huo Mian thought things through more than people her age did. Though she was only twenty-four, her way of handling situations and speaking could beat that of a forty-year-old.

She seemed to be born with a calm and confident aura that didn't exist amongst girls her age.

At first, it was her aura that attracted Qin Chu and made him infatuated with her.

"Rest assured, I won't hold grudges. After all, I married Qin Chu. But, I hope that you won't misunderstand me because of others' words, especially those who don't have good intentions," Huo Mian calmly replied.

Huo Mian was upfront and pointed to Song Yishi...

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