Chapter 1121: Back to Seventeen 2

"Hey, Mr. Qin# Don't be like that, are you trying to tease me?" smiling, Huo Mian complained.

"You were too focused on the book and were ignoring me#" What Qin Chu meant was that he was upset by Huo Mian not paying attention to him.

"Ha, I was subconsciously paying attention to you# Don't be so dominant, I'll read another book, alright? I'll read your biography instead of this anthology, what do you think?"

"That sounds much better." Qin Chu pridefully nodded.

"You wish#"

The two talked and laughed amongst themselves and it was eight o'clock before they knew it.

Qin Chu shut his laptop and rose after finishing the last of his documents.

Then, he walked over to Huo Mian, and laid on top of her, putting the entirety of his weight on her body...

That forced Huo Mian to instantly lie down on the sofa...

"Do you want to crush me?" struggling, Huo Mian asked.

Qin Chu didn't look heavy, but she felt squashed with his body on top of hers.

It was the weight of a mountain...

"Then, would you like to crush me?" After speaking, Qin Chu flipped and held Huo Mian on top of him.

Then, he laid back on the sofa...

Their eyes met and were filled with love...

At that moment, the door to his office suddenly opened...

"President Qin, can I leave work now?" Before Yang could finish talking, he immediately shut the door and left.

Was he going to get a pay deduction because he disrupted his boss's business?

However, a shocking revelation was that his boss liked being on the bottom. He couldn't tell that the warm and gentle Young Madam was actually a dominatrix.

"It's all because of you that Yang saw everything! So embarrassing#" Huo Mian covered her eyes, feeling like she couldn't show her face around people anymore.

Nothing happened, but the position was enough for one to think about...

Anyone would take it the wrong way, right?

"Ah, it's over. He's going to think about me the wrong way from now on, I'll never be able to explain myself." Huo Mian wanted to make sure that Yang knew it was a misunderstanding.

Qin Chu was below her as he nimbly worked his hands inside her sweater...

"He already misunderstood us, so we might as well actualize it#"

After speaking and before Huo Mian could defend herself, she fell into the warm web of love that Qin Chu wove...

When the two left the president's office, it was nine already...

It had been a whole hour, gosh. Thinking back at what just happened, Huo Mian felt her face again burning with embarrassment.

"The sofa's a bit hard, we'll replace it tomorrow," Qin Chu muttered to himself.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, lowered her head more...

Qin Chu held her hand and they returned home together. Upon returning to South Hill Manor, they were surprised to see Qin Chu's mother.

"Mom, it's so late. Why are you here?" Qin Chu asked indifferently.

Huo Mian nodded but didn't know what to say. After all, her relationship with Mrs. Qin was still a bit strained.

Also, it was impossible for her to be like Song Yishi and sweeten her voice like she was trying to please everyone.

It just wasn't Huo Mian's style.

Mrs. Qin scanned the two's face and slowly said, "I went to the temple with your dad today, and they said that the Bodhisattvas there actually works. So, I asked for a child-bringing Guanyin."

Huo Mian and Qin Chu turned their heads to look and saw that a shrine had been placed in the corner of the living room.

In it was a white jade Guanyin statue about seventy or eighty centimeters tall holding a cute baby.

So this was the famous child-bringing Guanyin...

"Mom# What are you doing? You know we don't believe in this. Also, the Guanyin can't decide if we have kids or not, we do. Do you know about genetics and chromosomes?" Qin Chu seemed displeased.