Chapter 1118: Young Master Su*s Set-up Date 9

"How?" Huo Yanyan slowly sat down across from Song Yishi, who answered, "Simple, just reveal everything bad you know about Huo Mian# It doesn't matter if it's true or false."

"It doesn't matter if it's true or false? You want me to make stuff up?" Huo Yanyan asked her.

"You can say that."

"You# why would you want to do that, did she offend you?"

"You don't have to know that. All you have to know is that I want you to disclose information about her."

"What will I get from doing so?" Huo Yanyan asked.

"A million yuan," Song Yishi said as she took out a bank card. "There's a million yuan in here. It's not a lot, but I know you're short on cash these days. We all heard what happened in your family, you probably don't even have the money to buy clothes these days. I feel bad for you. You're a rich heiress, but your life isn't even as good as a servant's."

Huo Yanyan didn't say anything; she glanced at the bank card with a complicated expression on her face.

"It's really simple, as long as you're the one to disclose information about her, no one will care if it's true or not. You're Huo Mian's sister from the same father, your last name is also 'Huo'. All you have to do is reveal scandals about her, and the million yuan is all yours."

"Huo Mian will kill me." Huo Yanyan looked up and stared into Song Yishi's eyes.

"Hahaha, kill you? Are you kidding me? We live in a world of law, no one has the guts to kill anyone. Huo Mian's smart enough to know that, at most, she'll interrogate you# Miss Huo, you didn't use to be this timid, what happened? Did Huo Mian scare the wits out of you?" Song Yishi looked at her with disdain.

"I don't think you know how smart Huo Mian is# you really shouldn't make her your enemy. She's not as gentle as she looks." Huo Yanyan knew how scary Huo Mian could be, so she tried to talk Song Yishi out of it.

"Yanyan, are you an idiot? Do you think everyone should be scared of Huo Mian just because you are? You know that Yishi is Mayor Song's daughter, she's no ordinary girl. No other woman in this city is as prestigious as she is. Why are you trying to talk her out of becoming enemies with Huo Mian, are you kidding?" Huo Yanyan's so-called girlfriend sneered.

"That's not it, it has nothing to do with status# Huo Mian has her ways, pissing her off isn't smart."

"Stop with the nonsense, do you want to work with me or not?" Song Yishi picked up the bank card and waved it at Huo Yanyan.

True, Huo Yanyan needed the money, but# she still made a smart decision. Standing up, she said, "I'm sorry, Miss Song, but I can't work with you."

"Are you scared of Huo Mian?" Song Yishi raised an eyebrow and asked impolitely.

"You can think of it that way, anyways# I know you'll regret not listening to me. Take care." Huo Yanyan then turned around to leave#

Raging, Song Yishi glared at the woman beside her. "Didn't you tell me Huo Yanyan was an idiot? Why would she reject my offer? I wasted my saliva trying to convince her, but she didn't even bite! I thought you were her friend!"

Song Yishi assumed that Huo Yanyan was bound to take up her offer for one million yuan. Then, scandals about Huo Mian would erupt, and she would be able to take advantage of that#

To her surprise, however, Huo Yanyan didn't agree.

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