Chapter 1117: Young Master Su*s Set-up Date 8

Su Yu immediately stopped what he was doing to look his assistant up and down, "Since when did you quit your job as my assistant and become a paparazzi?"

"I didn't, I'm just concerned about the most important thing in your life." An had to admit that he was really curious as to how his boss's date went.

"What's it to you if I get married? Will my marriage help with your career?" Su Yu asked furiously.

"It won't help, but I was thinking# if you got married, then maybe I'd be able to have some days off# Sir, I'm getting married next month and have to go back to my hometown for the wedding. Can I get a week off?" An clenched his teeth and finally asked Su Yu, who felt speechless#

"So# when did you get yourself a girlfriend?" Su Yu was surprised; An had been working for him for years, but Su Yu had no idea that he had a girlfriend and was about to get married.

Was he lying to him just to get some time off work?

"We started dating last month."

"You began dating last month and are getting married next month?" Su Yu was dumbfounded.

"Yes." An nodded.

"Shotgun wedding?"

"Yes." An continued to nod.

"How did you guys meet?"


"Holy crap# I have nothing left to say. Sure, why don't I give you two weeks off, that way, you'll have time to go on a honeymoon too."

"Thank you, Boss!" An was exhilarated and added, "Boss..."


"You should work hard to find yourself a girlfriend too#" An didn't want Su Yu to be alone forever.

"Thanks, but you don't have to worry about me."

After approving An's vacation, he immediately ran away# Scared that his boss would change his mind.

Su Yu was surprised by An's quickie wedding; did people really do that?

After work, Su Yu bumped into Jian Tong on the first floor just as he was leaving the company.

She didn't have the chance to change yet and was still wearing an ancient-style robe.

"President Su#" Jian Tong smiled as she walked up to Su Yu, who nodded in response. "Mhm."

"There was an indoor scene today, so I came back to film it at our company. Have you eaten? It's my treat." Jian Tong was one of the women at Imperial Star that Su Yu wasn't annoyed with, because she knew her place.

"It's okay, I'm heading back to my parents' house."

"Oh, okay, another time then."

Unlike the other women, Jian Tong never got angry or caused trouble after Su Yu rejected her.

Su Yu drove straight back to his parents' home; his new mansion was basically ready, but he didn't really want to live there.

He had gotten so used to living at home that he began to fear being alone#

"Yu, you're home! Dinner's ready, I made your favorite, marinated pork hocks." Mrs. Su smiled as she saw his son, but Su Yu wasn't in high spirits. "Okay."

"It's okay that you didn't like the woman you met today, there's another one tomorrow#"

Su Yu interrupted his mother before she could finish, "Mom, thanks, I know you and grandpa are doing this for me, but# I really don't like any of the women you've set me up with, and I'm truly exhausted. Can you stop arranging these dates for me?"

Mrs. Su's heart broke upon seeing her son's exhausted expression. "Yu# are you still thinking about#?"

"Mom# I know what I'm doing," Su Yu said. Then, he turned around and went upstairs.

Mrs. Su looked at her son and felt sorry for him. Her son was such an outstanding man, but Huo Mian didn't like him.

It was all fate#

Huo Yanyan seldomly left her mansion, because too many people waited around to make fun of her and beat her when she was down.

She was surprised that a good friend of hers called her and asked her out to coffee.

When she got there, she saw another woman sitting with her friend 每 Huo Yanyan immediately recognized her.

"Hi, Miss Huo." Song Yishi smiled at her.

"Miss Song."

"Don't be shy, sit down, let's talk#"

"I don't seem to# know you very well, Miss Song." Huo Yanyan was smarter than she used to be, and therefore looked at Song Yishi cautiously.

"But I'm interested in Huo Mian, would you like to work with me?" Song Yishi beamed at Huo Yanyan, who looked at her back with surprise#