Chapter 1114: Young Master Su*s Set-up Date 5

"To tell you the truth, I used to# but not anymore."

"Why, you got an STD?" the doctor asked.

Su Yu felt speechless, he really just doesn't like her aggressive personality.

"No, it was because of someone."

"Who, your ex-girlfriend?" The doctor continued probing, and he answered, "No."

"Then who was it?" She still wanted to know.

"I'm sorry, we're not close enough to talk about these private matters, are we?" Su Yu said; then, he suddenly realized that Huo Mian used to say that all the time, and now he had put her pet phrase into use.

Upon hearing what Su Yu said, Sun Yating decided to change the topic. She introduced herself, "Did my aunt tell you about me? I graduated with honors from Jing University Medical School."

"She did# but in our time and age, so many people graduate with honors..."

Su Yu didn't like the way she talked 每 so what if she graduated with honors? It's not like she graduated from Harvard Medical School, did she have to be so pretentious?

As expected, the girl stopped talking about her educational background and went onto saying, "I'm an only child."

"Haha# I'm not a twin either," Su Yu retorted.

"My parents work in timber, and I'm going to inherit their three furniture factories in the future."

Su Yu rubbed his forehead and said with disinterest, "Not counting my own company, Imperial Star Entertainment, our family owns the biggest private bank in China, which I'm going to inherit in the future as well. So, in the future, if your toy factory is short of funds, feel free to come to see me. I might be able to help you out with a loan#"

"You#" Sun Yating was furious, "Why are you being so unpleasant?"

Sun Yating was a proud woman who had been set up countless times. The men she had met in the past have all complimented her education and family background, so she was furious to meet someone as obnoxious as Su Yu.

"Then can you please not be so ostentatious when talking to me?" Su Yu held himself back from slapping her across the face.

"I'm not being ostentatious, everything I said was the truth." Sun Yating didn't think she said anything wrong.

"Didn't your aunt tell me who I am?" Su Yu put his arms around his chest and asked.

"She did, she said your family owned a bank, and you had your own entertainment company."

"Do you know the celebrities that my entertainment company made popular?" Su Yu glanced at her icily, and she shook her head#

"Do you know who Jian Tong is?"

"I do, isn't she the hottest female celebrity right now? She appeared in that imperial-harem show a while ago#" It seemed like she wasn't a complete idiot.

"Yeah, my company made her popular, I can ask her to come to pour me tea any time I want to, can you?"

Sun Yating was flabbergasted. "Is your company# that famous?"

She moved back to C City only recently, and she had been working at the First Hospital for less than two weeks. Therefore, she wasn't that aware of what was going on with the city, let alone the legend that was Su Yu# That was why she had the audacity to show off in front of him.

"Never mind# talking to you was a waste of my time. If it weren't for my mother, I wouldn't have even come# Bye," Su Yu said as he turned around to leave.

"Hey, Mr. Su, wait."

"What?" Su Yu turned around and asked impolitely; this stupid pretentious woman had depleted all of his patience#

"I can see us working out!" The female doctor had the balls to propose.

"I think you're ten Pacific Oceans away from my level#" Su Yu said as walked away, never once looking back.

The female doctor stood behind him, at a complete loss for words#

Ten Pacific Oceans? Was she that bad?

After leaving the First Hospital, Su Yu got onto his Lamborghini and dialed a number, "Mom, I'm done."

"What did you think of her? Did you like her?" Mrs. Su gossiped.