Chapter 1111: Young Master Su*s Set-up Dates 2

"The people's police are human beings and have basic physical needs as well," Gao Ran said matter-of-factly.

Huo Mian leaned against Qin Chu's chest and laughed so hard that she couldn't breathe, while Qin Chu had his hand around her, his expression was as gentle as can be.

GK's employees began gossiping about Qin Chu while they snuck glances at him.

Those sitting at Jiang Linyue's table had never met Qin Chu or Huo Mian prior to this event, so they took delight in talking about them#

"President Qin is so good-looking# he looks like a movie star, I can't believe how accomplished he is at such a young age!"

"Mrs. Qin isn't that pretty, but she looks like a really nice person who likes to smile. Plus, I can tell she's not pretentious."

Jiang Linyue didn't like what she heard, so she interjected, "What do you guys know? A lot of people look like good people from the outside, but they're actually just putting on a show# Do you think she got to where she is today by being credulous and innocent? Think about the historical harem shows. Women who aren't manipulative will never become the queen! You guys are too na?ve#"

Everyone immediately fell silent upon hearing what she said#

The fact was, no one wanted to offend their general manager. Ever since Jiang Linyue went over to the branch company, she didn't have any significant achievements but wasn't doing that bad either.

No matter how capable she was, she didn't study management and therefore couldn't unleash her true potential.

Plus, she was constantly plotting her revenge, and therefore never devoted herself to work. As a result, the branch company's performance had only been mediocre.

"President Qin# should we start?" the hotel manager walked up to Qin Chu and asked carefully.

Qin Chu nodded and the hotel manager immediately made orders to begin distributing cutlery.

Then, Assistant Yang stood up with a microphone in his hand and said to the thousands of people in front of him, "Colleagues, let us make a toast to our dear president and his wife. Thank you for holding this celebration for us, and we all wish that the two of you can live happily ever after!"

Everyone stood up and raised their glasses at Qin Chu and Huo Mian, who stood up and gestured at them as well.

"Your assistant is such a suck-up# I'll give him 9 out of 10 points, one point was deducted so he doesn't get too arrogant," Gao Ran teased.

"Yang is a really nice person, and sucking up is a form of art. Everyone likes listening to praises# Sure, good advice is harsh to the ear, but who wants to be immersed in negative energy all the time?" Huo Mian explained.

After the toast, male and female employees went onto the stage to perform; in the beginning, people were too embarrassed to go up, but after Yang announced that President Qin had red pockets ready for every performer, everyone swarmed onto the stage#

Dinner lasted more than three hours, and the last event was red-pocket distribution and an exciting lottery, where the company provided prizes like laptops, camera, phones, watches, and luxury bags#

Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling were both envious of GK's employees#

"You guys are too extravagant# LV, Hermes, Prada, and Burberry bags? Super-rich people sure are stubborn, damn it, I don't want to work as a flight stewardess anymore. I'm going to quit and work at GK instead." Zhu Lingling looked at the mountain of luxury goods on the stage with desire.

"I want to quit too, Qin Chu, find me a department to work in, I want to work for GK too." Even Gao Ran, the people's police, succumbed to earthly desires and decided to turn renegade.

"Don't be jealous, guys, we got you presents too!" Huo Mian laughed.

"We have presents too? What are they, come on, let's see!" Zhu Lingling was immediately looking forward to whatever surprises Huo Mian had up her sleeve.