Chapter 1110: Young Master Su*s Set-up Dates 1

"You're welcome, you are a capable woman and deserve to be more than a director in the design department. That's why I thought you'd be able to unleash your potential as the general manager at the branch company. To tell you the truth, you've come across a rare opportunity that other female employees don't usually get. Therefore# Director Jiang, you should consider yourself unique and lucky#" Huo Mian smiled as she took a small sip of her champagne.

Jiang Linyue bit on her lips, feeling a little awkward#

Originally, she wanted to humiliate Huo Mian, since she thought that the latter couldn't say or do anything to her with all these employees present.

To Jiang Linyue's surprise, however, Huo Mian's remarks were even sharper than her own, leaving her feeling more embarrassed than ever.

After what happened at GK's thirty-year-anniversary party, Jiang Linyue thought that she wouldn't be able to participate in the company's year-end celebration.

That's why she was shocked to find out that Huo Mian didn't ban her from going this time around, and therefore assumed that the president's wife had forgotten all about her.

Little did she know that that was not the case; Huo Mian remembered her, she just couldn't care less#

Ever since Qin Chu was shot and they almost died, Huo Mian suddenly realized that people like Jiang Linyue and Song Yishi meant nothing to them.

People like them couldn't even be counted as variables in life; they were at most passerbys.

After being completely humiliated by Huo Mian, Jiang Linyue quietly turned around# She had a feeling that if she stayed any longer, things would get even uglier#

"GK's female employees are interesting, haha# they treat you like their mortal enemy." Zhu Lingling immediately saw through Jiang Linyue's animosity.

"Mr. Qin is too good looking and irresistible, and# he hangs around GK day in and day out, so of course, women who think they're prettier and more suitable for him than I am would try to take my place# she's just one of many, I've gotten used to it."

Gao Ran laughed, "Huo Mian# should you really use the word 'irresistible' to describe your hubby?"

"What else should I use? Seductive?" Huo Mian teased back, and Gao Ran immediately threw in his towel. "Holy crap# Qin Chu, your wife is too smart, I will never be able to beat her in a verbal confrontation."

Qin Chu laughed but didn't say anything# He liked listening to everything Huo Mian said, even if she was to throw out all the curse words in the dictionary.

That's what they call the 'pinnacle of adoration'#

Zhu Lingling picked up a napkin and wiped off the corner of her lips as she said, "Being a woman of the new era# is so f*cking tiring# In the past, we only needed to be attractive enough to be taken outside the house and skilled enough to whip up some good dishes. But now, we're also forced to defeat mistresses and hooligans. We're basically Supergirl."

"Hahaha# Lingling, you're so smart# it's not that bad though!" Huo Mian burst out in laughter.

"It is that bad! That's why sometimes I feel like being a woman is too hard# Not only will I have to take care of my children and parents, I also have to constantly worry about my husband having an affair. It's so f*cking unfair# I think this country should allow women to have multiple husbands. If I had four husbands, I wouldn't be so pressured to provide for my family anymore. Moreover, I wouldn't be constantly worried about having a mental breakdown just because my husband cheated on me, haha."

"I agree with you!" Huo Mian raised her hand, but immediately noticed Mr. Qin's piercing glare# So, she quickly changed her stance. "What I mean is, although I agree with what you said, I only need one good husband, like Mr. Qin here. Yup, he's more than enough."

Qin Chu smiled in satisfaction upon hearing what she said#

"Forget it, a woman of your frame wouldn't be able to handle 4 husbands, you might pass out in bed# Also, I would like to add two requirements to your 'new era women' philosophy," Gao Ran suddenly said.

"What requirements?" Confused, Zhu Lingling looked at Gao Ran.

"New era women must be attractive enough to be taken outside the house, skilled enough to whip up some good dishes, able enough to defeat mistresses and hooligans, knowledgeable enough to know all the positions, and experienced enough to produce copulatory vocalizations."

Both Qin Chu and Huo Mian were speechless by what he said# while Zhu Lingling exclaimed, "Holy sh*t# aren't you the people's police? Why are you such a pervert!"