Chapter 1108: Would It Kill You to Hold My Hand? 9

"Why are you guys all looking at me?" Su Yu didn't know whether to cry or laugh. All he wanted was to enjoy a quiet dinner with friends#

"Don't you want to see it?" Tang Chuan laughed, and Wei Liao added, "Just admit it, we won't laugh at you."

"Fine, I want to see it," Su Yu finally admitted.

"A hundred yuan." Jiang Xiaowei reached out her hand and gestured a '1' with her fingers, leaving Su Yu flabbergasted. "What the hell# you are charging me?"

"Of course I am# there's no such thing as a free lunch#"

"Don't say it like that, it'll upset me. If you want money, I'm#" Su Yu paused, and everyone thought Su Yu would be too arrogant to agree to a deal with Jiang Xiaowei.

Could his pride keep him from looking at Huo Mian's selfie?

However, the end of Su Yu's sentence was, "I'm curious, can we negotiate? 100 yuan is too expensive, what about 80?"

"Pffft# Su Yu you need to stay strong! I thought you were going to say you didn't want to see it anymore!" Tang Chuan burst into laughter.

"That's what I thought too, but he completely surprised us," Wei Liao laughed as well.

"You get what you paid for, if you give me 80 yuan, then I will just blur out Mian's face," Jiang Xiaowei said, word for word.

"Sister-in-law, you're one scary lady. Allow me to bow down to you#" Tang Chuan worshipped Jiang Xiaowei so much that he was ready to grovel at the hem of her skirt#

It was obvious that she was no simpleton.

"All hail my wife!" Wei Liao gave her a thumbs-up.

Su Yu took out his wallet and gave her five hundred-yuan bills. Then, he said mightily, "Here's five hundred, let me see this one and send me her future selfies as well."

"Mr. Moneybags#" Jiang Xiaowei laughed as she handed him her cellphone.

Su Yu looked at her friend circle and saw Huo Mian's selfie. She was sitting in a car, seemingly in a good mood. Huo Mian wasn't a narcissist, so she only uploaded the occasional selfie and when she did, it would light up one's eyes#

The temperature in the car seemed high since she was only wearing a fluffy white sweater. Braids fell down on either shoulder, and her bangs made her look absolutely adorable, like Chibi Maruko-Chan.

She didn't have any makeup on, and her face was comfortable to look at.

Su Yu liked this photo so much that before Jiang Xiaowei could say anything, he saved it onto her phone and immediately sent it to himself.

"Young Master Su# I feel bad for you. Too bad we live in a modern society, or else# if we lived in ancient times, I would've kidnapped Huo Mian and forced her to be your wife a long time ago."

"Screw you, I'm not a f*cking mafia boss," Su Yu laughed.

Everyone knew how Su Yu felt towards Huo Mian# Jiang Xiaowei would occasionally send updates about the latter to Su Yu, not to tease or laugh at him, and definitely not to really take money from him. The truth was, she felt heartbroken for Su Yu because she knew how much he loved Huo Mian.

Huo Mian was bored in the car, and the four of them began video conferencing in WeChat.

Qin Chu was driving his Maybach with Huo Mian in the passenger seat while Gao Ran drove his Jaguar with Zhu Lingling in the passenger seat.

The Jaguar followed closely behind the Maybach, and they could poke fun at each other on WeChat, making their drive up to Yunding Mountain as enjoyable as can be.

When Gao Ran pretended to reach out and grab the bottle of water beside him, he purposely touched Zhu Lingling's hand, but the latter unintentionally moved away#

Gao Ran immediately complained, "What the hell, Zhu Lingling, would it kill you to hold my hand?"