Chapter 1106: Would It Kill You to Hold My Hand? 7

"Oh# Yishi, you're here?" Mrs. Qin didn't get up and only greeted her faintly.

Was she thinking too much, or was Mrs. Qin's attitude towards her much different than before?

"Mrs. Qin# have you had dinner? I bought you some shrimp dumplings from Li Ji's Congee," Song Yishi said as she passed the bag in her hand over to Mrs. Qin, but the latter replied, "Oh, I ate already# it's okay, you should bring it home to your parents."

"Mrs. Qin# what's wrong?" Song Yishi finally caught on; Mrs. Qin's attitude towards her had changed drastically.

"Nothing# I ate already, that's all. It's no use leaving the food here with me since it'll just go to waste tomorrow. You might as well take it home to your parents."

"Don't say that... I bought this for you, you don't have to eat it, and I don't care if it goes bad." Song Yishi smiled as she set the plastic bag down on the coffee table.

Then, she sat down beside Mrs. Qin#

"Mrs. Qin# did you ask Huo Mian about what happened the other day?"

"No," Mrs. Qin picked up her tea glass and replied faintly.

"Oh#" Song Yishi didn't expect this answer from Mrs. Qin and suddenly didn't know how to respond.

Mrs. Qin then said, "The truth is# I've been too hard on Huo Mian. They were playing piano in public. If there was really something going on between them, wouldn't it be easier to meet up in private instead?"

"Perhaps she did it on purpose to cover certain things up. Huo Mian is a really smart woman," Song Yishi provoked.

Mrs. Qin slowly put down her tea glass, glanced at Song Yishi, and said, "I would've guessed that in the past, but now that I think about it, I realized how old and stupid I was# Nothing is more important than life; a person who was dying wouldn't care about money and fame, right? Huo Mian is willing to live and die with Chu, that means she really does love him and not his wealth. So# I don't want to burden them with mundane things like who played the piano with whom. All I want right now is for them to have a baby soon, I really want a grandchild#"

"Um#" Song Yishi was shocked speechless by Mrs. Qin's words and attitude.

Mrs. Qin continued, "I used to be biased against her, and that's why I've hated her all these years. I've thought about it, and I think the only reason I can't be nice to her is the accident that happened those years ago. I'm scared that she'll keep hating me, but then I realized how stupid I've been this entire time. If Huo Mian hated me, she would have never married Chu. I'm just being petty# I'm old now, so I'm easily influenced by outsiders who only know how to cause trouble and give me headaches. But here's the thing 每 why would I bother with people like that? No matter how close they seemingly are to me, at the end of the day, they're still outsiders. Yumin, Chu, Huo Mian, and I are a true family, why would I listen to others' attempts to disintegrate our relationship?"

By then, Song Yishi's expression was so ugly that she looked like she was about to throw up#

Upon seeing her expression, Mrs. Qin immediately held her hand and smiled. "Yishi, don't overthink it, I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about the employees at GK. They really like to stir up trouble talk about Chu and Huo Mian behind their backs, because they can't stand them living a good life. Neither my son nor I like petty and manipulative women like them# Huo Mian may seem a little indifferent at times, but I've come to realize that she's a really good person."

At this point, Song Yishi felt so overwhelmed that her brain went into overdrive#

She always used Mrs. Qin like a gun, but today, the gun pushed her into a corner.

Moreover, Mrs. Qin's sentences embarrassed her, but Song Yishi couldn't get mad.

"Yishi# what do you think, do you think I'm right?" Mrs. Qin held Song Yishi's hand on purpose and asked her.

"Mrs. Qin# you're right." Song Yishi smiled awkwardly; this was her second blow to the guts today, she felt like somebody had just stabbed her with a broadsword#

"Mrs. Qin# Huo Mian married Qin Chu a while ago but they're still not pregnant. What if# they never have children? What's your thought on that?" Smart as she was, Song Yishi quickly decided to tackle from a different angle.