Chapter 1105: Would It Kill You to Hold My Hand? 6

"Oh# Hello# brother-in-law," the girl said a little shyly, and Qin Chu nodded his head at her#

"Don't be so nervous." Huo Mian smiled, but she didn't really mean it.

The reason was simple. Her maternal grandfather and grandmother died young, and her mother had an older brother, Huo Mian's uncle, who married a long time ago in the village. His wife gave birth to a son and daughter and throughout the years, Huo Mian's uncle refused to come to see her mother. In the past, her mother used to visit them, often bringing them gifts and money.

Her mother spent a lot of money for her brother, but later when she fell from grace, Huo Mian's uncle cut off all ties with her. Her mother, in a fury, stopped talking to them. After Huo Mian got married and she and her mother's lives became well-off again, somehow her uncle found out and immediately contacted her. Huo Mian disliked their selfishness and therefore kept her distance from her uncle's family.

"Your uncle is still busy with work and will head over here once they're done. Xiuping came here alone by bus today, and she's going to stay with me for a while." Yang Meirong missed her family, so she was exhilarated to have them visit her.

"Oh, okay, as long as you're happy, Mom." Huo Mian didn't like the fact that her uncle's family was coming, but she couldn't voice her unhappiness to her mother.

"Oh, have you guys eaten yet? Come have some dinner with us, Xiuping brought me a bunch of wild mushrooms, pickled cabbage, and salted duck eggs."

"We already ate, Mom# I just wanted to come to see you," Huo Mian replied.

"Has Zhixin called you recently? He hasn't called me in three days," Yang Meirong complained, and Huo Mian answered, "He WeChatted me this morning, don't worry."

"Okay, that's good." Yang Meirong nodded.

"Okay then, we're going to go home, Mom."

"Okay, hurry up and go home. You guys are both busy people, so remember to take care of yourselves!"

"You too, Auntie," Qin Chu said respectfully.

After leaving Sky Blessing Court, the two of them headed back to South Hill Manor in Qin Chu's car#

"Honey, did you notice that I don't like that cousin sister of mine?" Huo Mian asked.

"I did."

"Can you guess why?"

"Perhaps you don't like your uncle's family, I don't recall you guys seeing each other often," Qin Chu analyzed.

"Once, when I was young, Zhixin dislocated his shoulder and was hospitalized. My mom and Uncle Jing didn't have enough money, so we asked my uncle for some, but he didn't lend us anything. It was autumn and they had just sold their grains, so they had money, but they refused to even lend us 1,000 yuan. You need to know that my mom never forgot about them when she was an actress and had money, and often gave them money and bought them all sorts of stuff# Back then I felt like people like them# were worse than dogs. At least dogs are happy and wag their tails when you feed them, but they were just ungrateful people who only knew how to burn bridges. That's why I never wanted anything to do with their family over the years."

"I can understand you." Qin Chu nodded empathetically.

"I understand my mother's intentions. No matter how heartless they are, they are the only family my mom has left. My grandparents aren't here anymore, and she only as her brother. No matter how selfish he is, he's still her family. As long as my mom's happy, I guess I'm fine with them."

"You should be presented with a 'best daughter award'." Qin Chu smiled.

"Haha, I'll work hard to receive a 'best wife award' as well#"

"That's a little hard#" Qin Chu smiled profoundly.

"What's hard?" Huo Mian didn't understand what he meant.

"You have to know all 108 positions to receive the 'best wife award', but you only know two right now, top and bottom. You're still a ways away." Huo Mian didn't understand what Qin Chu was talking about until he finished his sentence.

Then, she immediately punched him. "Honey, you're such a pervert!"

They chatted as they headed home, as sweet as can be.

On the other end of town, Song Yishi's brain was in a mush; she thought it was weird that nothing seemed to have happened with Huo Mian.

Didn't Mrs. Qin cause trouble at their house?

She thought about it long and hard. In the end, still worried, she decided to drive to Qin Manor to make sure.

- Qin Manor -

When Song Yishi walked in, she immediately saw Mrs. Qin drinking tea and eating fruit in the living room, and she called out sweetly, "Mrs. Qin#"