Chapter 1104: Would It Kill You to Hold My Hand? 5

"Hahaha#Yu, we didn't say anything," Tang Chuan burst out in laughter, and Wei Liao chimed in, "Yeah, we didn't name you, don't be so sensitive!"

"Stop pretending# Do you guys think I don't know what's going on in those brains of yours? But it's okay, I've gotten used to it#" Su Yu said as he looked down and continued to drink his wine.

Of course Su Yu saw Huo Mian leaning against Qin Chu's shoulder, laughing about something. However, he didn't say anything and like always, swallowed his sorrows.

Upon hearing what Su Yu said, Tang Chuan and Wei Liao stopped teasing him and began feeling sorry for him#

Every time the Qin couple flaunted their love, their hearts would quietly ache for Su Yu; however, Qin Chu and Huo Mian didn't do anything wrong 每 they were just in love#

They knew of Su Yu's agony, but little did they know that every time the Qin couple acted all lovey-dovey, there was another man who was in even more pain than Su Yu.

No one knew of his feelings, so no one paid much attention to him.

Huo Siqian leaned against a pole with a champagne flute in his hand. He sent his date away and drank quietly alone, all while with a smile on his face.

Yet, the waves in his heart were strong enough to overturn all rivers and seas#

He was a man who would never give up without achieving his goal. Therefore, he was more than patient towards Huo Mian 每 he had waited for her for so long, and he didn't mind waiting a little longer.

Huo Mian unintentionally glanced over towards his direction and accidentally met his gaze.

Huo Siqian immediately raised his champagne glass with a smile on his face, while Huo Mian tilted her head away, refusing to respond to him in any way.

Huo Siqian didn't mind; he had long been used to being treated indifferently by Huo Mian.

After Huo Mian and Qin Chu left the party, they didn't go home; rather, they headed over to Sky Blessing Court.

Ever since Zhixin went abroad, Yang Meirong had more time on her hands and was quite lonely at times.

Therefore, Huo Mian went home more often to spend time with her mother, afraid that she'll become depressed.

When they arrived, Huo Mian's mother was having dinner with a young woman.

The woman was skinny and had average looks. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail, and her white-flowered shirt looked extremely old-fashioned.

"You guys are here!" Her mother immediately stood up to greet them, and Huo Mian went up to hold her mother's hand, "Mom# why are you just having dinner? It's so late."

"Haha, I wasn't so hungry today, so I thought I'd wait until Xiuping got here to eat with her. Oh, right, you guys haven't met before, right? This is Yang Xiuping, your uncle's oldest daughter."

Huo Mian glanced over at that innocent-looking young woman.

"Xiuping, this is your cousin sister, Mian."

"Hi# Sister Mian," she said, stuttering a little.


"Mian, Xiuping is already 20 years old, she's even a year older than Zhixin!" Yang Meirong was very excited to see her niece.

"Yeah," Huo Mian said, a little uninterested. She didn't sound like someone who had just seen a close relative#

"Xiuping, this is your brother-in-law, he's the president of a big company and really successful," Yang Meirong proudly introduced her niece to Qin Chu.

The girl's expression froze upon seeing Qin Chu; she was from a rural village, so the only presidents she had seen were the middle-aged men from TV shows.

Those people were either bald with beer bellies or short with buckteeth.

Never in her life had she seen such a young and good-looking president; Yang Xiuping stared at him as she felt her heart race in its socket#

"Xiuping, what are you standing there for? Say hello," Yang Meirong reminded her.