Chapter 1103: Would It Kill You to Hold My Hand? 4

"You're welcome# I just happened to record it by accident#" Song Yishi said as her expression became more awkward than ever.

"Your photography skills are amazing, no wonder you're an artist. Can you take some more photos for me when you have time?" Huo Mian continued smiling.

Song Yishi didn't respond#

"Oh, hey, should I empty one of the storefronts on my pedestrian walkway, so you can open up a photography studio?"

Song Yishi still didn't respond#

"Honey# let's go take a photo with Rick." Qin Chu held onto Huo Mian's hand; he didn't want his wife to continue talking to Song Yishi.

"Okay then# we'll be off now, bye, Miss Song." Huo Mian waved her hand as she walked away with Qin Chu, hand in hand#

Upon seeing them leave, Song Yishi felt so much hatred in her heart that her teeth itched. She never knew how good Huo Mian was at making people feel awkward, all while wearing a smile on her face.

Song Yishi was a smart woman, but for some reason, she couldn't say anything when faced with Huo Mian's taunts.

After they left, Qin Chu pinched Huo Mian's cheek lovingly and couldn't help but laugh, "When did I say that I was going to buy you a piano, huh? Are you trying to rip me off?"

"Haha, I was trying to make a point, didn't you see me pissing her off back there? Did you see how ugly her expression got?"

"She's no match for you. In the past, I knew you didn't want to stoop down to her level, but perhaps she mistook your kindness and thought you were an easy target."

"She probably knows now that I'm not so easy to deal with." Huo Mian smiled, proud of herself.

"Of course you're not, my wife is basically undefeatable," Qin Chu complimented her.

"Honey, thanks for sucking up, that totally worked on me."

The duo went back to enjoying their alone time as they walked over to the other end of the room#

They walked up to Rick and allowed the media to take photos of them. With GK's president present, Rick's private party immediately went up a class.

During this time, various rich heirs walked in to congratulate Rick#

The entire ballroom was filled with people wearing suits and gowns, but Huo Mian suddenly noticed a young woman in a red plaid coat, eating ice-cream in a corner.

Her outfit didn't match with the party at all#

She was pretty 每 her hair was long, her eyes were big, and although there wasn't a speck of makeup on her face, her looks could still charm the masses.

"She's so pretty#" Huo Mian mumbled quietly, but Qin Chu didn't care much for that woman. The only woman he was interested in was Huo Mian.

Rick's expression changed as he said apologetically, "Please give me a second," then, he walked over towards that young woman#

"Huh, is she# Rick's girlfriend?" Huo Mian asked out of curiosity.

"He's never mentioned her to me before# but I can tell from how nervous he is# that she might be his girlfriend," Qin Chu guessed.

The woman ate ice cream quietly in her corner# her head was down, and she didn't attract a lot of attention.

Perhaps all she wanted to do was find somewhere quiet and be alone.

"Xixi# where's your gown?"

"I got it dirty just now, so I changed into my own clothes# did I affect you? If I did, I'll leave now, I don't want to embarrass you," the girl said as she got up to leave, but Rick immediately grabbed her hand#

"It's okay, you look really pretty in this," Rick said with incredible tenderness.

He never used to understand why Qin Chu was so nervous when it came to Huo Mian, but now he finally did.

Huo Mian looked at Rick and that girl from afar and then smiled as she leaned against Qin Chu's shoulder.

"The Qin couple sure likes to display affection# they're always flaunting their love. Luckily, I'm not alone tonight," Tang Chuan said as he squeezed his good-looking date for the evening.

"Neither am I," Wei Liao immediately pronounced proudly; he was newly married, and therefore was most qualified to show off his relationship status.

After they finished speaking, they immediately looked over at Su Yu, who was lifting his drink to his lips. The hand that was holding the wine glass paused for a second upon hearing what they said.

"So# was I just implicated?" Su Yu asked with puppy-dog eyes.