Chapter 1101: Would It Kill You to Hold My Hand? 2

"You don't have to thank me. It wasn't my original intention to help you, but I didn't like the way those people behaved," Huo Mian said calmly.

Huo Yanyan's smile was bitter as she said quietly, "Ever since my mom's incident, I've gotten used to this kind of treatment. Those people are like that; when you're rich and powerful, they'll hang out with you. When you've fallen from grace, they'll treat you like scum."

"So that's why you're determined to marry rich, so you can turn your situation around?" Huo Mian asked.

Huo Yanyan shook her head, "That used to be my plan, and that's why I tried to seduce Su Yu. I knew that he would never be interested in me, but I still stuck myself onto him like glue because back then, I wanted to use the Su Family to climb back up and avenge those who treated me like a homeless dog. Later, however# I thought some things through and changed my mind#"

"What things?"

"Relationships are pointless if love is mixed in with profit. Life is too short, we only get a handful of years in our lives, so if I link my marriage to money, then I'll never be truly happy. Plus, marrying rich doesn't guarantee a good marriage, and rich men might not be interested in me."

"Ha# if you understand all that, then why are you still chasing after Shen Mingxi?" Huo Mian was confused.

"That's because# I really like him," Huo Yanyan said, word for word#

Then, she continued, "Young Master Shen and I graduated from the same middle school. Back then, he was the hottest guy in our class, and all the girls at my school, including me, liked him. Then, he went abroad and we all lost contact with him. I thought I'd never see him again, but who knew he would suddenly come back to the country during Young Master Su's birthday? As soon as I saw him, my heart began beating uncontrollably# I've never felt like that, it's really an amazing feeling# I don't want to miss my opportunity, that's why I decided to chase after him like an idiot."

"But did you know that you'll never marry into the Shen Family? Setting aside the number of rivals you have, a lot of the socialites have given up on him already since he's basically dating Wei Ying. I'm sure you know how powerful the Wei Family is, and what kind of person Wei Ying is."

Huo Mian was close with Jiang Xiaowei, and the latter often talked to her about Wei Ying and Shen Mingxi.

Wei Ying was crazy in love with Shen Mingxi, and although the latter never said anything and they weren't officially dating, their families have already decided on their marriage. Even Wei Liao mentioned countless times that the Wei and Shen families will soon become in-laws.

That was an undeniable fact#

"I know# the truth is, I didn't dream about marrying Shen Mingxi, I just want him to know that a woman called Huo Yanyan likes him, that's it." Huo Yanyan smiled naively.

Truth be told, Huo Mian felt bad upon seeing Huo Yanyan like that.

"Okay then, that's your problem, but# I suggest that you be more careful in the future, you really shouldn't do anything degrading. It's not worth humiliating yourself over. If you want to climb back up, you should look for someone who can accept you and vice versa. If you want love, then look for someone who loves you, rather than your appearance and family. Someone who doesn't care about your scandals# After all, human beings are all selfish, and you should know that you won't be able to have it all."

Huo Mian's words might've been a bit harsh, but she really wanted to remind Huo Yanyan not to do pointless things.

She thought that Huo Yanyan might get angry and object to what she said# but to her surprise, the latter nodded her head in agreement. "I will remember what you said. Huo Mian, after everything I've done to you in the past, you're really magnanimous for treating me this way. Now I get why so many people like you. Your success today owes everything to your character. I used to be jealous of you, but I realized that# no matter how I change, I will never be able to become someone like you. Therefore# I will never be able to have what you have."

Huo Mian looked at her quietly with a complicated expression on her face# She never expected that one day, an idiot like Huo Yanyan would suddenly become enlightened and understand the principles in life.

"Okay then, I hope you can take care of yourself#" Huo Mian said as she turned around to leave.

"Huo Mian, I know your IQ is high and you're really smart# I'm willing to do anything, even wipe your shoe and pour you tea, but can you deal with Huo Siqian for me? I hate him, I really do," Huo Yanyan said all of a sudden, and Huo Mian immediately stopped in her footsteps#