Chapter 1100: Would It Kill You to Hold My Hand? 1

After Shen Jiani's affair got out, Huo Zhenghai treated Huo Yanyan badly.

He controlled all of the money and assets, and due to Huo Siqian's scheme, Shen Jiani and her children lost all of their savings. Huo Yanyan was no longer the golden girl; she had completely fallen from grace.

The only reason she was still in the socialite circle was that her last name was Huo.

Everyone treated her pursuit of Shen Mingxi as a joke.

Although Huo Mian didn't like Huo Yanyan, she couldn't live with herself upon seeing Huo Yanyan treated like a dog in this situation.

She hated the people who added insult to injury the most. When Huo Yanyan was in her prime, she had handfuls of best friends and spent all her money on food and entertainment for them. Now that she had fallen, everybody wanted to step on her head. The snobbery was unreal. 

Huo Yanyan was more than aware of her current social status; she was no longer the brainless idiot she used to be, so she didn't dare to make a sound when others made fun of her.

She was scared of messing with people she couldn't afford to offend, but her infatuation with Shen Mingxi was real.

She went after Su Yu due to his financial and political powers and influence.

However, Huo Yanyan really liked Shen Mingxi. Otherwise, she wouldn't go after him despite everyone else's mockery.

Huo Mian couldn't watch anymore. With a 'bang', she put her champagne onto a table and walked over with a smile on her face.

"Yanyan# Why didn't tell me that you're here." Huo Mian grabbed Huo Yanyan's hand as if they were best friends.

The latter turned her head and was flattered upon seeing Huo Mian.

"Mrs. Qin#" When the socialites saw Huo Mian walk over, they backed off before greeting her.

Huo Mian scanned their faces one by one, smiling without speaking.

Then, she walked up to Shen Mingxi. "Yanyan really likes you, Young Master Shen. Would you have a drink with her?"

Shen Mingxi didn't really know Huo Mian, but he did know that Su Yu liked her. So, he silently glanced at her face before raising the wine glass in his hand...

"Miss Huo#" The normally unsmiling Mr. Shen raised his wine glass.

Huo Yanyan was extremely surprised, a little stunned even...

"Yanyan# Young Master Shen is talking to you," Huo Mian reminded.

"I# I# I#" Huo Yanyan took forever to say something, and Huo Mian had to remind her in the end.

She then raised her glass and had a drink with Shen Mingxi.

"Young Master Shen, my name is Huo Yanyan," stuttering, Huo Yanyan introduced herself.

Shen Mingxi nodded to indicate his understanding. However, he had an indifferent expression on his face.

"Thank you for the favor, we'll leave you to it then. Let's talk later." Smiling, Huo Mian finished her sentence and dragged Huo Yanyan away.

The socialites discussed the incident with strange expressions on their faces...

"Eh? That's weird, I thought Huo Mian's relationship with Huo Yanyan was awful, why would she help her?"

"Did Huo Yanyan give her shares to Huo Mian to mend their relationship?"

"I dunno, but they're still a family. Both their last names are 'Huo'. We have to be careful from now on, although Huo Yanyan's done for, Huo Mian is still strong# We can't mess with that woman. I heard that even Mayor Song's daughter couldn't beat her."

Shen Mingxi had no interest in the fight amongst socialites...

He was more interested in the kind of person that Huo Mian was.

How could she make an arrogant person like Su Yu fall head over heels for her? What was it about her that made him hold on even though she was married?

These were questions worth thinking about...

"Huo Mian# thank you for what you did just now," biting her lips, Huo Yanyan said in a soft voice.