Chapter 110: Fell Out

Qin Chu stopped midway but didn't look back.

"You're off work now. I already asked your assistant, and he said that you have no plans tonight. What are you busy with?"

Qin Chu responded with silence.

"Have you been out screwing around?" Qin's father looked more furious than ever.

Qin Chu turned his head and lifted his brows. "Father, what do you mean by 'screwing around'?"

"Chu, have you been hanging with disreputable women? You can't be like those spoiled playboys who tangle themselves with women in the entertainment business. It's not good for you."

"Disreputable? Is that what you think when it comes to your son's taste in women?" Qin Chu thought it was funny.

"Mr. Qin, I don't think your son would do things like that," Mr. Liu said.

"That's right. Uncle Qin, I know Qin Chu very well. Back when we went to school, a lot of girls liked him, but he never even talked to them. Also, he's never been in media scandals either, so it's definitely not what you think," Liu Siying added.

"If not, then sit down."

"Dad, I'm an adult now. I have my own thoughts and things to do."

"If you're an adult, then you should know what behavior is appropriate under different circumstances. For one, Uncle Liu and his daughter are here. They are guests of this house that you need to entertain. You shouldn't be running around and leaving," Qin Chu's father scolded.

"They are your guests, not mine. I didn't invite them, so I shouldn't be responsible for entertaining them."


"Oh, Mr. Liu, it's fine. If your son's busy with other things, then don't worry about us! We shouldn't give our children a hard time."

"Yes, stop giving our son a hard time. Siying, go send Chu off. You were classmates, so you guys should have lots to talk about." Qin's mother loved her son dearly and didn't want to give him a hard time. At the same time, however, she wanted to create an opportunity for his son and the socialite.

"Okay, Auntie Qin. I will go and send him off." Liu Siying smiled and got up immediately.

Without hesitation, Qin Chu walked out. He was not going to fight his father.

Liu Siying jogged to catch up with Qin Chu, who was already out the door.

Qin Chu walked up to his Maybach, opened the door, and got into the car.

Liu Siying stood beside the car window. She was so excited at that second that she didn't know what to say.

"What do you want?" Qin Chu frowned.

"Qin Chu… I've liked you for a very long time." Liu Siying thought that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If somethings were left unsaid, then she would never have a chance. This was the perfect time to express her feelings, or so she thought.

"So?" Qin Chu continued to ask.

"So, I wanted to ask you, can you be my boyfriend?" Liu Siying was a little nervous. She lowered her head and her hands clutched the corners of her dress tightly.

"That's very ambitious of you." Qin Chu glared at her without much emotion.

"I don't want to miss the opportunity. You've been in my heart all these years."

"You think I should like you because you like me?"

"No…" Liu Siying waved her hands immediately.

"It's a joke if you really think that way. I will only ever like one person in my life, from the beginning until the day I die. So, take your feelings elsewhere, they're no good on me. You're not ugly, and your family is wealthy. There is plenty of fish in the sea, so stop wasting time with me. Also, don't even think about using our fathers as a way to get what you want. GK doesn't need an arranged marriage to flourish because your family will never have more money than mine. What I need is the woman I love."

"Even if that woman doesn't love you back?" Liu Siying asked suddenly.

She felt like Huo Mian no longer had any emotions for Qin Chu.

"Being in love with her is my business, and our relationship doesn't have room for a third person. Quit your stupidity and don't force me to tell you the hard way. That's all I have to say."

Qin Chu rolled up his car window as his engine roared to life. He left with lightning speed.

Liu Siying's eyes lingered in the direction the car disappeared to, her eyes sad and gloomy.

In her heart, Qin Chu was an untouchable god. Regardless of how pretty or outstanding she was, she knew that Qin Chu would never glance at her.

Qin Chu loved Huo Mian more than his own life, even though she was ill-tempered, poor, and average looking.

She felt like her jealousy was driving her insane.

By the time Qin Chu arrived back at Imperial Park, it was half past seven.

Huo Mian was watching a TV show on the couch.

"You're home." She stood up after she heard the door open.

"Is there any food?"

"Um… Yes."

"I'm starving," Qin Chu tiredly mumbled as he took off his blazer and his shoes.

"The food is a little cold now, I will go heat it up." Huo Mian walked towards the kitchen.

As she was passing Qin Chu, he suddenly hugged her from behind.

Huo Mian's heart shook as the sudden movement frightened her.