Chapter 1096: The Qin Couple Flaunts Their Love 7

"Chief, I believe in you, but# I don't need a permanent position. I really don't want to cause you any trouble, because I know my own limitations," Chen Jie said slowly.

"All I know is, you're very good at your job# wait for me," Then, Huo Mian took back the receipt, got up, and left her office.

"Chief#" Worried, Chen Jie watched as Huo Mian left. She knew Chief Huo was a hospital legend, and she was extremely honored to be her assistant. But# she really didn't need to be promoted; after all, she was born in the countryside and didn't have much talent. Because of her background, she learned to never dream about things she didn't deserve.

To her surprise, however, Huo Mian treated her matter so seriously.

With the receipt in hand, Huo Mian went directly up to HR in her white lab coat. She rarely interacted with this department, since in the past, Director Wu had promoted her personally, not needing HR's approval.

What happened to her brought upon shock to all and was incredibly inspirational, making her the legend of South Side. The little nurses admired her to no end.

"Is Chief Cao here?" Huo Mian knocked and asked, and one of the HR employees turned around to look at Huo Mian in shock. "Woah# are you Chief Huo?"

"Chief Cao's in there," another employee said, and Huo Mian nodded and went into the department.

The door of the chief's office was open, and a 40-something woman was sleeping on her desk.

Huo Mian looked down at her watch; it was already work hours, why was the director of HR slacking off like that?

She knocked on her door impolitely and loudly, waking up the sleeping woman.

She unwillingly got up from her desk and looked up at Huo Mian, but didn't say anything.

"Are you Chief Cao?"

"What do you want?" She asked in an unfriendly manner, and Huo Mian said, "I'm Huo Mian, from the neurology department."

"What do you want?" the woman asked again, unhappily.

"I recommended my assistant for a permanent position, but you didn't approve it," Huo Mian looked at her and said, word for word.

"Isn't that normal? Dozens of people here apply for permanent positions every month, but only a few get it."

"I understand that, but your reason is that she hasn't been here long enough. But from what I know, my assistant has been working at South Side for over a year, and that's pretty long to me."

"So what?" the woman asked arrogantly, and Huo Mian resisted the urge to walk up and beat the crap out of her. Instead, she continued to ask, "So nothing, I just wanted to ask you what the real reason behind her rejection is."

"She doesn't qualify," the woman yawned and replied impatiently.

"But why did the nurse who worked at the OB/GYN department for less than 3 months qualify?" Huo Mian smiled.

The woman was obviously unhappy upon the mentioning of this. "Because she had outstanding performance."

"Really? But I saw her assessment records, and her performance wasn't as good as my assistant's#"

"Then it must be because of something else. Either way, our department's decisions have nothing to do with you."

"Is it because my assistant didn't give enough gifts?" Huo Main continued to ask.

The woman felt so cornered that she began to shout, "Chief Huo, what do you mean by that? Did you come here to look for trouble? You have no right to interfere and decide who gets promoted and who doesn't. You also shouldn't come in here, guns blazing, just because I didn't approve your assistant's application. You're just a chief physician, you should be saving patients, not butting in with administrative matters!"

"Haha, of course, I'm not here to cause trouble, I'm just here to seek justice. I know you know the truth, so I'm going to call Director Wu and ask him to investigate into this matter. Let's see if it's really my assistant who's not good enough or the new nurse's bribes that worked. Director Wu# is a smart man, he'll get to the bottom of this."


To Chief Cao's surprise, Huo Mian was willing to call up Director Wu just for a nurse's promotion.

Her face quickly turned white#