Chapter 1092: The Qin Couple Flaunts Their Love 3

"Girl, are you still alive and well?" As soon as Huo Mian saw this message, she knew that Zhu Lingling was the only person capable of sending something as funny as this.

After Qin Chu took Huo Mian home, she and Gao Ran talked about ways Mr. Qin might punish Huo Mian.

After some back and forth, she decided to ask Huo Mian what happened comically.

"Lingling, I'm at the Bridge of Abyss# would you like to come down to hang?" Huo Mian decided to be just as amusing.

"Hello, goodbye#" Zhu Lingling feigned horror and immediately said goodbye.

Then, she sent, "Haha, enough joking around. Tell me the truth, did Mr. Qin punish you?"

"I can't believe you're asking me this, the two of you are so heartless. Do you think any of this would've happened if I didn't take your place as the maid of honor?" Huo Mian asked angrily.

"Haha, I know Mr. Qin loves you too much to get mad at you, I can tell from the way you're talking to me that you're completely fine. Or else, you wouldn't be here messing around with me. If Mr. Qin was just bluffing, then I don't have to worry anymore."

"Next time I'm not helping you out again, humph! I can't believe you guys would burn your bridges as soon as I helped you out. In the future, I won't trust anything you say ever again, not even your punctuation marks#" Huo Mian purposely teased.

"Haha, don't be like that, we have to keep being friends. After all, you're my only high IQ friend," Zhu Lingling laughed.

"Forget it, you're in your honeymoon phase and the people's police is the only person on your mind. You probably forgot all about me, your high IQ friend. I get it though, men are more important than girlfriends."

"Hey, don't sound so sour, don't forget how you and Mr. Qin flaunted your love in the past. You guys are too full to understand how starving people feel," Zhu Lingling retorted.

"Is that why you stopped being picky and chose Gao Ran?"

Zhu Lingling: "haha, I'm going to tell Gao Ran that you're talking smack about him behind his back."

"I don't care, your cop is nothing compared to my hubby. Mr. Qin is much better, whether it's money, looks, or IQ."

"Humph, stop showing off# You're strutting in borrowed prunes, bullying little citizens like us using Mr. Qin's reputation. You're the definition of a despot," Zhu Lingling said via voice message and then sent over a 'disdain' emoji.

Qin Chu heard what she said; he tilted his head to look at Huo Mian with a smile on his face, "I like it when you talk about me like that, Honey."

Huo Mian immediately burst out in laughter; as expected, everyone liked to be sucked up to, even the arrogant and indifferent Mr. Qin.

Just then, Lingling typed her another WeChat message, "Girl, the weather is getting cold up here, do you want to go shopping tomorrow after work? I want to buy a white mink coat."

Mink was not only warm but also pretty; a lot of celebrities liked mink, even Song Yishi.

Winters in Italy were cold as well, so she had about an assortment of mink coats in her closet 每 long, short, popular, and top-sellers.

"It's okay, I like cotton-padded jackets. When it gets colder, I'll just wear my down jackets," Huo Mian immediately refused.

"Are you kidding me? Cotton-padded jackets are so outdated! Aren't mink coats much prettier?"

"But mink is made from killing innocent wild animals, do you know how many minks have to die to make one coat?"

Zhu Lingling fell silent#

"Did you also know that to make mink jackets pretty, they can't kill the minks before taking their skin? Rather, their skins are stripped off while the minks are still alive."

Zhu Lingling was still silent#

"Did you also know that when adult minks die, their babies are forced to watch their mothers smashed to death from their cages?"