Chapter 1091: The Qin Couple Flaunts Their Love 2

"Hey, you're information is pretty up-to-date. I guess marriage didn't turn you into a complete dummy, you still have time to care about what's going on with my life?" Amused, Su Yu glanced over at Wei Liao.

"Of course I do# we're bros, I have to pay attention to your lifelong search for happiness, or else I might end up in bro hell. Tell me, how were the girls? Did you like any of them?"

"What do you think?" Su Yu rolled his eyes.

"Yu, you have to find yourself a wife, sooner or later. People like us can't be single our entire lives. Oh, and, remember not to set your standards to Huo Mian," Wei Liao reminded.

"Why not?" Su Yu looked at him, not sure what he meant, and Wei Liao answered, "If you look for a woman like Huo Mian, you might not be able to find one. You know how weird she is; a woman's looks can be altered, but her personality can't be changed and her IQ can't be improved."

"You seem to have it all figured out," Su Yu chuckled as he looked at Wei Liao.

"I'm trying to help you here, I think# worse comes to worst, just find someone who's pretty, obedient, gentle, virtuous, magnanimous, outgoing, filial, and from a prestigious family. It's a great ending for you; plus, you'll be able to take a woman like that out onto town without embarrassing yourself," Wei Liao said.

After he and Jiang Xiaowei got together, he began spending more time with Huo Mian, and soon came to this realization: Huo Mian was incredibly stubborn and loved Qin Chu very much, being even willing to die for him. Their relationship was unbreakable and wasn't one that Su Yu could easily disintegrate.

Rather than living his life in painful agony over a woman he couldn't have, why not just let go like a man?

"You have a point#" Su Yu nodded. However, just as Wei Liao was about to express his relief in Su Yu's change in attitude, the latter added, "But I'm not interested in any of that."

Wei Liao was left speechless#

Him wasting so much saliva trying to persuade Su Yu into giving up on a married woman didn't get anywhere because Young Master Su was just as stubborn as Huo Mian.

"Wei Liao, come save us, your wife is going crazy!"

A bunch of rich heirs yelled at him, and Wei Liao looked over to see Jiang Xiaowei smashing a bunch of people on their heads with an inflatable hammer, of which, Tang Chuan was most seriously inflicted#

"Hey, sister-in-law, you're not playing Whack-a-Mole, spare me#" Tang Chuan ran around, but Jiang Xiaowei kept chasing him.

Celebrating in the bridal chamber sure was exciting; too bad Huo Mian wasn't here, or else it might be even more fun since her brain was wired to torture others.

After Wei Liao walked over to Jiang Xiaowei, Su Yu picked up a can of coke and began slowly drinking it.

He took out his phone and scrolled through Weibo, noticing that Huo Mian updated her page 5 minutes ago.

She uploaded 9 photos of the wedding, all with Jiang Xiaowei in them. The last photo was a selfie of her and Jiang Xiaowei; although she only had on a thin layer of makeup, her aura was no weaker than the bride.

To Su Yu, Huo Mian was someone who, although not the most beautiful in the world, he was willing to do anything and everything for#

Both Huo Mian and Jiang Xiaowei smiled happily in the photo; their faces were smeared together, proving their close friendship.

Unlike Song Yishi, Huo Mian didn't fake emotions to her fans; she only uploaded eight words along with the photos.

"Time will not age, we will not part."

These eight words were more than enough to express her friendship with Jiang Xiaowei.

Su Yu really wanted to like her post, but he didn't want others to misunderstand their relationship again, so he controlled his urge to click 'like'.

He stared at the smiling Huo Mian in the photo for a very long time, his gaze as genuine and innocent as a young man who fell in love for the first time in his life.

- South Hill Manor -

After a sleepy Huo Mian uploaded the photos onto Weibo, she was just about to go to bed when she suddenly received a WeChat message, immediately waking her up.

She unlocked her phone and looked at it.