Chapter 1090: The Qin Couple Flaunts Their Love 1

"Mrs. Qin, you have a weak heart and high blood pressure# please don't get too agitated," Song Yishi immediately put down the tissue in her hand and walked over to console Mrs. Qin, who demanded with a grim expression on her face, "Yishi, was everything you just said the truth? I've always treated you well, this is a big thing for my family, you can't lie to me."

"Mrs. Qin, I would never give you a fake video, everything I showed you really happened. Plus# a lot of people attended Wei Liao's wedding, I wasn't the only one there. The media also live-streamed their ceremony, so you can look into it yourself," Song Yishi gently explained, sending Mrs. Qin into immediate fury and annoyance#

"Okay, I understand. Yishi, your car broke down, so let me get our driver to drop you off at home first."

"It's okay, Mrs. Qin, my dad's sending someone to pick me up. I just wanted to tell you about this. After all# I don't want that manipulative woman to keep you in the dark."

"I know, I'll deal with it, thank you for telling me," Mrs. Qin replied, her expression ugly.

Song Yishi took this opportunity to put her hand on Mrs. Qin's shoulder and say, "Mrs. Qin, you have to take care of yourself, so don't get mad at people who aren't worth it. Tell me if you need help with anything and call me anytime. Your problems are also my problems."

"I got it." Mrs. Qin nodded.

Exhausted, Mrs. Qin walked out of the coffee shop and left in her black Bentley.

Song Yishi, on the other hand, was in a good mood and picked up her phone. "Girls, go wait for me at the private club, drinks are on me tonight."

On the other end of town, the lights were still on at Wei Liao's mansion.

After the reception, came the most vexing part of the evening 每 celebrating the wedding in the bridal chamber#

The rich heirs knew that they couldn't go too far with Dr. Jiang since she was not only pregnant but also scary, so Su Yu and Tang Chuan came up with some ideas.

Tang Chuan found an apple and tied it rope onto it. Then, he asked the bride and groom to each take a bite. After they bit onto the apple, they swapped it into a kumquat, and then a red date.

Furious, Jiang Xiaowei cursed, "Why don't you just f*cking use a sunflower or sesame seed and get it over with?"

"Hey, that's a good idea!" Tang Chuan laughed, and Wei Liao cursed, "Screw you, are you sure you want to play with us like this right now? On your wedding night, I'm going to double the favor and return it to you!"

"It's okay, you won't be able to join the celebration when I get married. Married people are considered old uncles and therefore can't come into the bridal chamber," Tang Chuan retorted, proud of himself.

"Then I'll ask Yu to seek revenge on my behalf." Wei Liao glanced over at Su Yu, and Tang Chuan teased. "Maybe Young Master Su will get married before me, then he'll be an old uncle too! How perfect#"

The others all had a lot of fun in Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei's bedroom, but compared to his old partying days, Su Yu seemed a little out of it.

"What's wrong, Yu?" while the others teased the bride and groom, Tang Chuan asked him.

"Nothing#" distracted, Su Yu answered.

"Haha, are you still thinking about that awesome piano duet with Huo Mian? Do you miss her?"

"Get away from me." Su Yu didn't want to admit his feelings.

"If you miss her, I have an easy fix. I'll find a girl who looks like Huo Mian and send her abroad for some plastic surgery. I promise she'll come back ten times prettier than Huo Mian and then, you can push her into your bed and have your way with her."

Su Yu sighed, and said something so poetic that he never thought would one day come out of his mouth, "Once having seen the best, the rest is not worth looking at."

"F*ck, what does that mean, who's the best? You've seen Huo Mian naked? Is her body the best you've seen?" Tang Chuan began making dirty jokes.

Su Yu glanced at him in disdain. "Get lost, as far as you can! In the future, don't tell others that we're friends."

Su Yu thought of himself as a pervert, but who knew Tang Chuan was an even bigger one that he was?

When Wei Liao freed himself from the crowd, he ran up to Su Yu, put his arm around his shoulders and asked mysteriously, "I heard that you went on 4 set-up dates in the last 5 days, how did they go?"