Chapter 109: Embarassment

"Yes." Huo Mian nodded.

"What a shame, it looks like that's not happening in your lifetime. Zhiyuan likes me now. He said he reluctantly accepted to going out with you because you shamelessly courted him for several years. You guys didn't even sleep together, right? He even said that he had no desire to touch you whenever he saw your face."

Huo Mian smiled politely.

"What are you smiling about?" Wu Xiaoxue asked, feeling annoyed.

"Is that what he told you?" Huo Mian asked.

"Isn't it true?"

"Oh yes. Everything he said is true." Huo Mian was too lazy to explain.

"See, I knew you were a woman with terrible character. I wonder why my uncle's hospital doesn't bother to check people's moral standings before hiring them. It's so annoying that they hire just about anyone."

"I will prepare the reports for you as soon as I can, Dr. Wu. But if you are here to chitchat, I'm sorry, but I don't have the time."

"Then hurry up and get my reports ready."

"Also, it's not very wise of you to hate me because of Ning Zhiyuan, since I'm not a threat to you."

"A threat? Who do you think you are? You have below-average looks, grew up in a below-average household, and went to a below-average medical school. How do you have the audacity to compare yourself to me? I received my medical degree from Tokyo University. I am also the youngest attending out of all the hospitals in C City. Do you understand?"

"Of course, and you have your uncle, the hospital's director, to thank for that."

"You…" Wu Xiaoxue stuttered angrily, she didn't think that Huo Main would be so quick-witted.

"I'm going to get your reports ready now. See you later, Dr. Wu." Huo Mian headed back to the office as soon as she finished speaking.

In all honesty, the reports weren't difficult to prepare, and it took Huo Mian less than thirty minutes to finish. Wu Xiaoxue was simply trying to give her a hard time by making her stay late.

After she was done, Huo Mian left the reports on Wu Xiaoxue's desk and went home.

Very rarely did Huo Mian get off work this early, so she made an effort and purchased vegetables and meats from the grocery store.

She then began prepping for dinner. She waited until 6:00 PM for Qin Chu, but he was still out.

Huo Mian felt a little hungry, so she ate first and left the rest of the food in the kitchen. She then went upstairs to do laundry and shower.

Qin Chu was supposed to get off work at five thirty but instead went back to his parents' residence because his father had called him.

Qin Chu's father had just come back from vacation and looked like he was in a good mood.

When Qin Chu arrived home, he was greeted by not only his parents but also a middle-aged man and his daughter.

"Chu, this is President Liu of Tianbao Real Estate, and this is his daughter, Liu Siying."

When Qin Chu caught sight of Liu Siying, he was a little surprised.

Liu Siying was his high school classmate. Those who went to Second High School typically came from rich families, so he wasn't surprised that Liu Siying had a rich father. However, he was surprised that they would show up at his house today.

"Uncle Qin, Qin Chu and I were high school classmates." Liu Siying smiled.

She wore a light pink dress with her hair up in a ponytail, making her look much like a teenager. Even the way she spoke sounded unusually soft and feminine.

Qin Chu glanced at the pair but didn't say anything.

"Ha, really? What a coincidence that you two were classmates!" Qin Chu's father looked delighted at the news.

"Siying mentioned to me a long time ago that your son is a very fine-looking man," Liu Siying's father praised Qin Chu.

"Dinner is ready, come and sit!" Qin Chu's mother smiled.

- In the dining room -

The Qin family of three, Liu Siying, and her father all sat together, the five them forming a circle.

Liu Siying sat next to Qin Chu, her eyes full of adoration when she looked at him.

She had had a crush on Qin Chu since high school. If it weren't for Huo Mian, she thought, surely she would have become Qin Chu's girlfriend a long time ago.

"GK's been doing very well. You're so amazing!" Liu Siying complimented.

"Thanks." Qin Chu's face was expressionless. He didn't take a single bite of food and looked severely stone-faced.

"Why aren't you eating, Chu? Do you not like the food?" Qin Chu's mother asked.

"Dad, did you ask me to come back because you needed to talk to me?" Qin Chu was a little impatient.

"I didn't, I just wanted you to have dinner with your Uncle Liu," Qin's father said slowly.

"If that's the case, enjoy your meal. I have things planned, so I will be leaving now," Qin Chu said as he got up to leave.

"Stay where you are, right now!" Qin Chu's father became angry; he didn't think his own son would rebel like this in front of everyone.