Chapter 1089: Now That Was Awkward 10

"Sure, where are you right now? I'll ask the driver to drop me off." Mrs. Qin was too softhearted. After all, she had liked Song Yishi for so long, and although she was unhappy with her behavior during Qin Chu's surgery and began suspecting the validity of her words, she still treated Song Yishi like her daughter.

30 minutes later, Mrs. Qin's driver dropped her off outside the coffee shop of Hexi Road.

After getting off the black Bentley, Mrs. Qin walked in and immediately saw Song Yishi, whose eyes were red and puffy from crying.

"What happened? Who made you cry like this, child?" Mrs. Qin was surprised; ever since Song Yishi came back to China, she had spent most of her time with Mrs. Qin, but she had never seen this young woman cry like that and was, therefore, a little dumbfounded.

"Mrs. Qin, Qin Chu blocked me# I suddenly can't get through to his phone#" Song Yishi said as tears continued trickling down her face. To make herself seem more pitiful and her story more realistic, she even picked up a tissue and dabbed off her tears

"That's impossible, why# would Chu block you all of a sudden?" Mrs. Qin obviously didn't believe her.

"I don't believe it either since nothing unhappy happened between us. In the beginning, I really thought he was busy on the phone, how stupid am I? I didn't realize that he blocked me until I called him with someone else's phone, and it went through#" Song Yishi said as she began sobbing again#

"How could this be? Calm down, there must be a misunderstanding, I'll call Chu right now and ask him what happened." Mrs. Qin grabbed her phone to call Qin Chu, but Song Yishi stopped her.

"Mrs. Qin, not yet, let me finish first."

"Okay." Mrs. Qin nodded as she put down her phone.

"Later, when I called Qin Chu with someone else's phone, Huo Mian picked up, and I instantly knew what it was about. Huo Mian's always been jealous of how close Qin Chu and I are, and she has tried to embarrass me in the past too. I always patiently explained our relationship to her; you know that Huo Mian and I are really close, and I consider her as my friend, but# I feel like she's really mad this time and blocked me behind Qin Chu's back without him knowing. Do you know what I mean?" Song Yishi looked up and asked Mrs. Qin.

"I do, you're saying that Chu doesn't know that Huo Mian blocked you from his phone, but why would she do that? Did you guys get into a fight?" Mrs. Qin asked.

True, Mrs. Qin didn't like Huo Mian, but she knew that the latter wasn't an impulsive and extreme woman, so why would she block Song Yishi from Qin Chu's phone? Was it necessary?

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about, Mrs. Qin, I'm not spreading rumors, nor am I lying, but Huo Mian# has an unspeakable relationship with President Su Yu of Imperial Star Entertainment. Just this morning, she played a piano duet with Su Yu at Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei's wedding, I really was shocked# what she did was really despicable, how could she disregard the Qin Family's reputation like that? I think she blocked me from Qin Chu's phone because she was afraid that I would tell Qin Chu what happened."

Song Yishi was good; she connected her being blocked with the piano duet, telling an extremely well-rounded story.

"Um# really?" Mrs. Qin didn't really believe Song Yishi 每 could something as exaggerated as that really have happened?

Song Yishi didn't say anything; instead, she took out her phone and showed Mrs. Qin the video of them playing the piano.

"Mrs. Qin, this is solid proof, take a look at it for yourself. Photos can be photoshopped, but videos cannot. This is the ultimate proof of Huo Mian's infidelity."

Mrs. Qin looked at the video as her expression slowly darkened.

"I originally didn't want to tell you about it because I didn't want you to worry, but what happened will affect Qin Chu as well as the Qin Family's reputation. Mrs. Qin, you treat me like your own daughter, so I couldn't hide this from you. I'm sure you can tell from the way Su Yu treated Huo Mian while Qin Chu was hospitalized that there's something weird going on between them. If Su Yu was just her friend, would he help her like that? The good news is Qin Chu woke up; if he didn't, then Huo Mian would probably end up with Su Yu# I feel really bad for Qin Chu."

Song Yishi tried her best to brainwash Mrs. Qin, hitting the latter's sore spot with every sentence#

Mrs. Qin's face almost turned green, and her fingers shook as she watched the video#