Chapter 1088: Now That Was Awkward 9

"Yeah, that's the only possibility left, so# Miss Song, did you offend the president in any way?" In the beginning, Yang liked Song Yishi because she was pretty and polite.

Later, he noticed that she was a little too obsessed with President Qin, no wonder Young Madam got jealous. However, compared with Song Yishi, the Young Madam was a lot more down-to-earth and unpretentious. She even joked from time to time.

Song Yishi seemed nice on the surface, but she gave others a sense of distance.

In addition, Yang believed that no one was perfect in this world, man or woman. If someone seemed too perfect, that could only mean that she or he had flaws that were too well-hidden.

Therefore, people like Song Yishi were much scarier, because they constantly lived with a mask over their faces.

"That's impossible, it must've been Huo Mian." Song Yishi always thought that she left a good impression on Qin Chu 每 there was no reason for him to block her, right?

Was he angry because of the video and photo she sent him earlier today? But why would he be mad? Shouldn't he be mad at Huo Mian?

Huo Mian was the one who was married but still flirted and played a duet with Su Yu, so why would Qin Chu block her?

Song Yishi didn't understand what was happening and was a little dumbstruck by it as well#

'Annoying people never know how annoying they are'每 this phrase perfectly described Song Yishi.

She never reflected on her own problems; rather, she pushed all her wrongdoings onto a completely irrelevant Huo Mian.

"Miss Song, would you like me to check your car for you?" It was freezing outside, and he didn't want to stand in the cold doing nothing.

He wasn't dressed as warmly as Song Yishi, who was wearing a cozy mink coat and had been waiting in a coffee shop across the street for the past hour or so.

"It's okay, you can go," Song Yishi replied icily.

Did her car really break down? Yes, it did, but she wanted Qin Chu to come 每 not to fix her car since he wasn't a mechanic, but just so she could see him#

"If you don't need me, then I'm going to go now." Yang was immediately exhilarated.

"You can go," Song Yishi said, and just as Yang was about to turn around, she called him, "Wait!"

"What else can I help you with, Miss Song?" Yang stopped in his tracks, while Song Yishi matter-of-factly reached out her hand and said, "Let me use your phone."

Yang was unwilling, but he didn't object and handed Song Yishi his phone, and the latter called Qin Chu again.

Huo Mian was the one who picked up. "Hello?"

"Is this Huo Mian?" Song Yishi asked.

"It is."

"Haha, thank you for sending someone to pick me up."

"You're welcome."

"Thanks for being so nice to me, I will make sure to pay you back in the future," Song Yishi said, enunciating each word.

"It's okay, you don't need to pay me back. You should know that I never liked you, so I don't want us to interact so much. If you hadn't called my mother-in-law, did you really think I would help you?" Huo Mian answered very directly, causing Song Yishi to clench down on her teeth and reply, "Ha, you sure are straightforward."

"I'm a straightforward person who doesn't like to play games. But if you want to, I'm not afraid of you# Before you attack, however, I suggest that you weigh the pros and cons," Huo Mian warned her.

"Are you kidding me? I graduated from a prestigious overseas university, do I need you, someone who graduated from a domestic third-tier university, to teach me the facts of life?" Song Yishi spat back, and Huo Mian chuckled and replied, "Being human has nothing to do with a person's education background though, does it? A lot of Jing University doctorates have no idea what takes to make it in this world.

"I don't have time to quibble with you. Just you wait, Huo Mian." Song Yishi hung up the phone right after she finished that sentence. She was sure that Huo Mian was the one who blocked her with Qin Chu's phone and therefore treated her like a mortal enemy.

"Here's your phone." Song Yishi threw Yang's phone towards him, but he couldn't catch it. The phone fell onto the ground with a 'bang', and the screen was immediately shattered.

"Miss Song, I just lent you my phone as a favor, what did you do that for?" Yang knew that Song Yishi threw his phone on purpose, so he was furious.

Song Yishi glanced at Yang's phone and snickered, "Your phone is at most 4,000 yuan, here's 5,000, go buy yourself a new one," she said as she took out a stack of bills from her wallet, threw them onto Yang's phone and turned around to go back into the coffee shop.

Yang stood where he was, so furious he felt like cursing.

What the f*ck? He just braved the icy weather to see this crazy woman!

After Song Yishi went into the coffee shop, she called Mrs. Qin, and began sobbing non-stop as soon as she picked up#

"Yishi, what's wrong? Why are you crying? Say something!" Mrs. Qin asked, worried.

"Mrs. Qin, can you come to find me? My car broke down and I can't go to your house, but there's something important I need to talk to you about."