Chapter 1087: Now That Was Awkward 8

"We can ask a company employee to go deal with it. That way, no one will be able to talk about it behind our backs, and her conspiracy won't succeed either."

"Is that necessary?" Qin Chu didn't want to send someone from GK to go check up on her since she's not that important.

"You have to be nice to her on the surface, and take Mayor Song into consideration#" Although Huo Mian detested Song Yishi, she still cared about Qin Chu's reputation; after all, Mayor Song had taken great care of GK, and therefore she didn't want things to become completely awkward between them.

Plus, Mrs. Qin called just now, and if Qin Chu didn't help her, his mother would again assume that it was Huo Mian who stopped him from doing anything, and their finally improving relationship would crumble all over again.

That's where Huo Mian was smart; she never acted without thinking about the consequences.

Every action would prompt a reaction, including Qin Chu's surgery from last time. When she went into the OR, she knew that she might die.

That was why Zhu Lingling said she was the most logical woman alive, while Jiang Xiaowei said she was the smartest.

"You decide, do what you think is fit," Qin Chu gently kissed Huo Mian on the forehead. Then, he turned on his laptop and began going through the specifics of the end-of-year party that his employees sent him.

Huo Mian picked up her phone and made a call, "Hey, Yang? This is Huo Mian#"

20 minutes later, Yang arrived on Hexi Road in his white Volkswagen.

Song Yishi was still there 每 she seemed to think that as long as Mrs. Qin called, Qin Chu would definitely arrive to save the day. Therefore, she was pissed off to see Yang.

"Why are you here?" Song Yishi impolitely asked him with a grim expression on her face.

"Miss Song, the president's wife called and told me that something happened to your car." The truth was, Yang didn't want to come either, but he couldn't say 'no' to the Young Madam. He didn't want to come because he didn't even know how to fix cars; he also wondered why Miss Song called the president when her car broke down instead of a mechanic.

"The president's wife? You're saying that# Huo Mian told you to come?" Song Yishi's attitude was vile, she didn't see the point in pretending to be a lady in front of 'little people' like Yang.

"Um# yes."

"Are you kidding me, who the hell does she think she is? Does she think she can make all his decisions for him? Pick up your phone and call your president immediately, I want to talk to him." Furious, Song Yishi thought that Huo Mian did all this behind Qin Chu's back, and wanted to tell on her.

"Miss Song, I thought you had the president's phone number," Yang said, confused.

"I can't get through to him, his line has been busy this entire time. Try his landline," Song Yishi commanded.

"That's impossible, the president's phone is never busy in the evenings. Plus, he doesn't talk a lot, so he would never be on the phone for an hour unless it was with Young Madam. But# they're definitely together right now, so I was thinking# maybe your phone is broken?" Yang was surprised by how fast his brain turned and his stellar deductions.

Song Yishi understood what he was trying to say and immediately looked like she was about to kill someone#

She picked up her phone and dialed Qin Chu's number.

"I'm sorry, the subscriber you dialed is busy now#"

Frowning, Song Yishi then looked at Yang. "You call, hurry up, call him now." Leaving Yang no choice but to call Qin Chu. As soon as the other end rang, he hung up the phone.

"Miss Song, my call went through#" Yang opened his mouth feebly.

"So, what's going on?" Song Yishi had never encountered something like this in her life, so she couldn't quite wrap her head around it.

"Um# I think the president blocked you."

"He blocked me?" Song Yishi's expression changed dramatically.