Chapter 1086: Now That Was Awkward 7

"Honey, can you pick up for me? I'm going to go blow dry my hair," Qin Chu said as he gently placed Huo Mian onto their giant bed and turned around to go back into the bathroom.

The truth was, Huo Mian didn't like picking up Qin Chu's phone calls. She felt like it would be violating his privacy as if she didn't trust him.

However, it was fine if Qin Chu agreed beforehand, so she flipped over and grabbed Qin Chu's phone to see that it was his mother calling.

At the thought of Mrs. Qin, Huo Mian hesitated for a second before picking up, "Hello?"

"Huo Mian?" Mrs. Qin immediately asked upon hearing a woman's voice.

"This is she."

"Where's Chu?" Mrs. Qin's attitude towards her was much friendlier than it used to be.

"He just showered and is drying his hair. Are you looking for him? I'll go and get him for you," Huo Mian said as she got off the bed, but Mrs. Qin said, "Oh, no, it's okay, I can just tell you, and you can tell him. Yishi called me just now, you know who she is, right? Mayor Song's daughter."

"I do," Huo Mian replied calmly.

"She's on Hexi Road and something happened with her car. She panicked and didn't know what to do, and for some reason, she couldn't get in touch with Qin Chu. She said his line had been busy this entire time and asked me to ask him to help her."

"Oh, I see, I will tell him for sure."

"Okay, tell Chu to go see what happened. After all, our families are pretty close, so we can't just sit around and do nothing."

"I know." Huo Mian nodded, and Mrs. Qin hung up the phone#

Three minutes later, Qin Chu walked out from the bathroom in a bathrobe 每 his short hair was all dry, and he looked as handsome as ever.

A lot of people couldn't stand those with germaphobia, and therefore disliked doctors and people working in the medical profession. However, Huo Mian thought that germaphobia was a good thing; keeping one's own home clean was a good habit, wasn't it? No one liked to live in a pig pen#

It didn't matter how big a house was, but it at least had to be clean.

Therefore, Huo Mian loved how clean Qin Chu was.

Qin Chu rolled onto bed and put an arm around Huo Mian's shoulder. "Honey, who called?"

"Your mom."

"What for?"

"She said Song Yishi's car broke down on Hexi road and she couldn't get through to you, so she called your mom."

"Oh, I blocked her," Qin Chu said oh-so-nonchalantly, leaving Huo Mian quite shocked.

"What? You blocked her?" Huo Mian asked, startled.

"Yeah, she's too annoying," Qin Chu answered briefly; the truth was, he wasn't interested in summarizing or commenting on Song Yishi's character and personality because to him, she was way too annoying.

Although Huo Mian was surprised that Mr. Qin blocked her, she was also quite happy that he did so.

Mr. Qin sure was stubborn 每 he blocked the mayor's daughter without hesitation and didn't even think about saving Song Yishi's face.

Mr. Qin used an iPhone so when he blocked someone, all the other person would hear is, "I'm sorry, the subscriber you dialed is busy now. Please try again later."

No matter how many times Song Yishi called, he will always be busy. She was, however, innocent enough to think that Qin Chu was actually busy, and that's why she called Mrs. Qin for help.

Huo Mian felt like Song Yishi really overestimated herself; a socialite of her status probably never expected that she would be so heartlessly blocked by Qin Chu.

"So# what should we do now?" Huo Mian asked, and Qin Chu looked confused. "About what?"

"Song Yishi's broken car#" Huo Mian reminded him.

Mr. Qin answered arrogantly, "What does that have to do with me?"

"But your mom wants you to go check up on her. After all, she's Mayor Song's daughter."

"Am I supposed to spoil her, just because she's the mayor's daughter? How good do you think my temper is?" Mr. Qin rolled his eyes at Huo Mian, causing her to burst out in laughter#

She had to admit that sometimes, Mr. Qin was really cool. There may be hundreds of thousands of millions of pretty women out there, but he only loved her. Thanks to him, Huo Mian was slowly developing a superiority complex.

"Honey, I have an idea," Huo Mian said as a great idea popped into her head.