Chapter 1085: Now That Was Awkward 6

"So, Mr. Qin# can we or can we not enjoy each other's company in peace?" Huo Mian asked as she felt like crying out in desperation.

Qin Chu smiled, satisfied with himself. "Beat me first, and then we'll talk."

After counting down for 5 seconds, Qin Chu's long fingers quickly glided over the piano keys. This was Huo Mian's first time seeing him play the piano; in the past, she only knew that he studied medicine for 7 years and signed billion-dollar contracts with a wave of his pen. She never thought that one day, Qin Chu would play the piano in front of her like a skilled musician who had his way with the beautiful notes and melody#

Although the theme song from Bonnie Bear was a little funny, Huo Mian had to admit that Qin Chu still looked incredibly handsome playing the piano.

Huo Mian stared at him in a daze until she heard Uncle Li's kind reminder. "Young Madam, it's been six seconds#"

Only then did Huo Mian remember that she and Qin Chu were competing, and immediately snapped back to reality, trying to catch up with him.

She stared at the music score and played quickly, no longer caring whether the melody sounded good; all she wanted to do was to beat Qin Chu#

However, Qin Chu's speed was way too fast; she would be able to catch up with Su Yu or Song Yishi in a matter of seconds, but Mr. Qin was too skilled and too accurate.

Huo Mian began sweating, all but ready to jump up and dance with both her fingers and her toes.

"Honey# slow down, spare me, will you?" Huo Mian played as she harassed Mr. Qin.

Qin Chu chuckled, but he ignored her and continued speeding up.

In the end, Huo Mian went all out and began shouting, "Hubby, you're so handsome, you're so gentle, you're the best, you're the best hubby in the world!"

As expected, Mr. Qin was immediately hooked# he knew that she was sucking up to him so she could win, but it worked nonetheless.

After Huo Mian's wave of compliments, Qin Chu slowed down and tilted his head to look at Huo Mian, his expression so gentle that it could melt a glacier.

Pleased with herself, Huo Mian knew that honey-traps and sucking up worked best on Mr. Qin.

While Qin Chu slowed down, she immediately picked up her pace and finally, she won by two notes, ending their duet one after the other.

"The Young Madam won," Uncle Li could immediately tell who won and commented in all seriousness.

"Yay!" Huo Mian made a peace sign with her hands, as silly as can be; if Zhu Lingling or Jiang Xiaowei saw her right now, they would probably laugh at her.

"Honey, I win." Huo Mian was proud of herself.

"So, Honey# I guess you like being on the bottom. It's okay, I don't mind donating my strength," Qin Chu said as he suddenly carried Huo Mian up bridal style and headed right up to the 2nd floor.

"Hey! Let me down, it's the middle of the day!" Huo Mian had always been embarrassed to have sex in broad daylight, but why did the time of the day matter?

To refute her, Mr. Qin said something that sent butterflies all over her body. "I like doing it during the day because that way, I'll be able to see your face clearly."

What a seductive sentence# yet, instead of blushing, Dr. Huo replied, "You have a point. That way, you won't mistake me for that girl next door."

Qin Chu was immediately speechless#

Huo Mian was the best at ruining moments; she could use one sentence to destroy every romantic bone in a person's body.

The good thing was, Mr. Qin didn't hold this 'talent' of Huo Mian's against her# He carried her right into the upstairs bathroom, threw her gently into the bathtub, and jumped right in afterward#

After the throws of passion, Huo Mian lied in the tub, unwilling to come out.

In the end, it was Qin Chu who covered her with a towel and carried her out. She put her hands around Qin Chu's neck, her heart filled with happy content. "Honey, I know you weren't actually mad at me today, right? You were just playing around with me."

"What else do you know?" Qin Chu smiled as he looked at her, and she answered, "I also know that Mr. Qin acts like a child when he gets jealous, and that's why he made me play the theme song of Bonnie Bear, haha."

"What else?" Qin Chu asked again.

"I also know that# you lost to me on purpose just now# you weren't distracted, you just wanted me to win, right?"

"Continue#" Qin Chu was happy upon hearing what she said.

"Also, we#" Before Huo Mian could finish her sentence, Qin Chu's phone suddenly rang insensibly.