Chapter 1081: Now That Was Awkward 2

"We don't need outsiders to butt into our relationship," Qin Chu coldly replied, immediately shutting Song Yishi up.

She didn't think Qin Chu would talk to her like that; he was supposed to run down here and teach Huo Mian a lesson.

Unfortunately, Song Yishi's attempt at tattle-tailing failed, not to mention she was even humiliated, leaving her at a loss for words#

After they finished performing, everyone clapped thunderously for them# The four of them put on an amazing performance, and thanks to them, the audience was able to enjoy both a visual and auditory treat.

Su Yu was still in a daze after he got off the stage 每 that might have been the most unforgettable duet he had ever played because playing with Huo Mian was his ultimate honor.

Then, the MC began messing around with Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei. "Bride and groom, please stand back to back."

Huo Mian held up Jiang Xiaowei and helped her adjust the long hem of her wedding gown before standing off to the side.

"Pick up these wine glasses," the MC said, and they each picked up a glass; Jiang Xiaowei was pregnant, so she was drinking juice, while Wei Liao's glass was filled with red wine.

"I'm going to ask you a series of questions. If you think I'm talking about you, then take a sip." Then, the MC continued to ask, "Who's better looking?"

Both Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei took a sip; they couldn't see what the other person was doing since they were standing back to back.

"Who's willing to do all the chores at home?"

Jiang Xiaowei didn't move; after three seconds of hesitation, Wei Liao took a sip#

Wei Ying laughed hysterically in the audience, "Look at my brother, he's such a good for nothing! This is so funny, my sister-in-law is probably the only one that can tame him!"

"Who wants to wear the pants in the family?"

Jiang Xiaowei immediately took a sip#

Wei Liao was just about to raise his hand and take a sip when he suddenly put it down# If Jiang Xiaowei saw the video of their wedding afterward, she might kill him# He might be forced into kneeling on a durian or something#

Therefore, Wei Liao chickened out#

"Holy sh*t, Young Master Wei's got no balls# He doesn't even have the guts to take a sip!" Tang Chuan made fun of him from below the stage.

"Who wants to do laundry and take care of the baby?"

Jiang Xiaowei still didn't move, as if that question wasn't for her.

Wei Liao hesitated, but he picked up his glass and took another sip.

The crowd burst out in laughter#

Wei Liao's parents didn't get mad, because they knew the MC was just jesting for sport and trying to make the atmosphere livelier#

"When having sex, take one sip if you're on top, and two sips if you're on the bottom."

Once again, the crowd laughed aloud# Even Huo Mian, who was usually calm, could no longer contain herself.

"Talk about awkwardness, did Wei Liao kill the MC's parents or something, and that's why he's playing our young master dead? Hahahaha#" Tang Chuan howled in laughter.

Just then, Wei Liao took one sip while Jiang Xiaowei, two sips.

Originally Huo Mian thought that being the iron lady she was, Jiang Xiaowei would for sure be on top. To her surprise, she took two sips.

Later on, while she and Jiang Xiaowei casually chitchatted, Huo Mian asked her, "Xiaowei# why did you drink two sips during your wedding? I didn't think you were someone who is willing to be on the bottom."

"Because the person on top does too much work, it's too tiring."

Huo Mian was speechless for a full ten seconds upon hearing Jiang Xiaowei's answer 每 IT might be because of that Ph.D. halo, but everything she said made sense.

After having fun with the newlyweds, the MC went into romance mode.

First, Jiang Xiaowei and Wei Liao exchanged their vows, and then, rings.

After all that, exhausted, Huo Mian took off her white gown and changed into an elegant light-yellow cocktail dress before heading out of the lounge.

Perhaps she was too tired, or maybe because she was overly nervous just now, but she tripped and almost fell onto her face.

Su Yu saw that she was falling down and immediately rushed over to help her up.

Aside from shaking Huo Mian's hand, Su Yu had never touched her hand before# he was so shy that he blushed#

"Your face is so red#" Confused, Huo Mian looked at him, and Su Yu's face turned even redder#